Monkey Consoles Friend

Adorable video from a Miami zoo shows a monkey consoling his friend who was put in "timeout."
2:38 | 01/22/15

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Transcript for Monkey Consoles Friend
Time for the next it's true that monkeys how very human like qualities. I wouldn't take a look at this video from monkey who was put in time out. And look at other fellow keep snowing and this is in Miami at the zoo logical wildlife foundation leftist Angela Anjelica. And on the right is somebody told me she couldn't timeout by zoo keepers. He's time that time. The president is right that was my question angelic as it continues very upset and they put her in time I'm. And told me this is like the cutest video ever upon topics we'll go at all times of all times. Thomas is true now but as well. What kind of reminds me of you and me. We send it will be reversed who usually indictment that you're using what is high value write about some ailment and usually make you get. But defense team it is that I wanted an all time though. Fox hi this is my absolute favorite role model all right well maybe this next whom we'll top it already. Excuse a minute ago you have your first since. You didn't answer but this young Fella here little guy he's gonna remember his first kiss look at his reaction it. Mike barz yeah. And if yes well. Quality. And yes. And tell us and every so much as a couple of. Both data Kidd days and we don't know if they couldn't you guess he is seven eighths or seven area you have a son and for now who. OK what's the writing for the first visiting eleven details necessary now how this went down in what was happening but. What's I was saying probably 42 boys who's already. For those guys clearly excited man they got it on video so no they're not let me to be he's an exemplary for the video is it was on America's financial video licensing law as it a lot of things. From the Oregon Ohio State opened its waters where. Ohio State one of course that conservatives want to fans. Ended up adding that if the other person lost they would get a tattoo of the rifle team to take a look at this man his thigh. He had to have Ohio State put on his side. Huge victory 4220. And it was pretty confident that as dot sort it away and but ultimately he was left with an Ohio State tax you would renewed commitment I would not that he's not whether or not but this kid isn't animals and he's better man tonight.

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{"duration":"2:38","description":"Adorable video from a Miami zoo shows a monkey consoling his friend who was put in \"timeout.\" ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"28397393","title":"Monkey Consoles Friend","url":"/WNN/video/monkey-consoles-friend-28397393"}