North Korea defector

Dramatic video shows a North Korean soldier making a run for the DMZ before getting shot six times during his daring escape to the south. ABC's Joohee Cho reports.
3:00 | 11/22/17

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Transcript for North Korea defector
We take a look overseas right now and to the Korean Peninsula were soldier who defected from the north and the south. Is recovering from his wounds that he suffered during his dash for freedom. The men defected last Monday but we're just seeing this video now of the incident for the first time ABC's Jerry Cho reports from cell. What you see here is C northern territory about the DMZ the demilitarized zone that she spotted on surveillance camera. Racing down the road courses south at least today demarcation line in that cheap is the defector. Not white building is controlled by the north Koreans and were told that there is a barricade there which we can't see in this video because of the camera angle. Now the G seems to slow down for a moment then. Quickly speeds up now with headlights on don't know if you caught that moment just now but there's a soldier that runs after the vehicle. Looks like the deep factor broke through the bars then racist past as bridge known as a bridge of 72 hours. Now watch this video these headed North Korean soldiers on guard at the joint security area. After noticing that cheap four of them running to the Jeep on her left side of the screen they are fully armed. Now this shows to Jeep falling into a ditch then stuck there he'd then jumps out sprints for life to the south. At the same time North Korean soldiers firing guns one of them that looks like he's just fallen is actually diving into a crouching position to shoot. And here this is a moment when a North Korean soldier in pursuit of this defector steps across the white line. Which would be a violation of the cease fire agreement. After a few steps he quickly realizes that he's crossed then hurries back to their side. This infrared imagery showing to South Korean troops try to rescue the fallen defector. Carefully crawling. And dragging this meant to safety. Judy Cho ABC news Seoul South Korea. The video seven minutes on it is absolutely captivating thanks injury when we're not about this because at the factor has. Two bullets in his body but is in stable condition when he regained consciousness after being shot. He reportedly asked if he was in South Korea and when doctors told him that he was he said. He wanted to listen to some Korean music of the power of Korean pop Erick won't yes.

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{"id":51322683,"title":"North Korea defector","duration":"3:00","description":"Dramatic video shows a North Korean soldier making a run for the DMZ before getting shot six times during his daring escape to the south. ABC's Joohee Cho reports.","url":"/WNN/video/north-korea-defector-51322683","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}