President Trump confident kids should go back to school

In a post that was taken down by Facebook, President Donald Trump claimed children are "almost immune from this disease." ABC's Andrea Fujii reports.
2:53 | 08/06/20

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Transcript for President Trump confident kids should go back to school
This morning with corona virus concerns jeopardizing the reopening of schools president trump confident that kids should go back to class. My view is this (%expletive) opens this thing is going away children are almost and I would almost say definitely but. Almost immune from this disease. It's a message he posted on FaceBook but FaceBook has since removed his post saying the claims are false and harmful. The president's team clarifying saying he meant that kids are less susceptible to contracting the virus. But children are not immune and can't in Georgia a second grader tested positive. Now all twenty students and a teacher are in quarantine. In Georgia hundreds of teachers blasted their horns to protest reopening. An Oklahoma one teacher quit her job in protest it's just like everybody is sixteen tearing down the rendered into we get to the two groups of people who can't. One Kentucky's school district is now planning to give face shields to each child deaths from the virus are rising and 32 states I'll load death rates nationwide are declining and all the new cases are dropping. Hospitalizations. Are still rising in 28 states. The University of Mississippi Medical Center says it's beyond capacity with negative fourteen icu beds. Along the Texas border. Melinda until fall far I'm all you know many partners implement impugning her doctors working in makeshift hospitals more than 1000 people have died here. And what they are Brothers saw them. I don't what what it was blown. The Connolly hero family scene gave lost four members in less than two weeks and is pleased to meet defeated. There's nothing they can do no more. Scenes like this house party near Beverly Hills are prompting new crackdowns. LA's mayor now authorizing the city to shut off water and power to homes hosting large gatherings. And beyond the noise the traffic and new since. These large parties are unsafe. In New York City. Quarantine checkpoints now been set up a train stations and bridges like this one in Staten Island to attract visitors from hot spots doctor Anthony fat she agrees the US outbreak is the worst in the world. And testing must be improved. It's unacceptable. Period and I don't know why a cause that's not what I do every day. Now she also calling out the political device and as saying his family has been targeted. Despite encouraging news about potential vaccines in the works one FDA advisors says it's unrealistic to believe one will be ready by the end of the year. Virginia is the first state to use the contact tracing out that would alert users if they'd been in close contact with an infected person. Users can opt in to download. Kenneth and Mona. And drifting TO.

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{"duration":"2:53","description":"In a post that was taken down by Facebook, President Donald Trump claimed children are \"almost immune from this disease.\" ABC's Andrea Fujii reports. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"72208616","title":"President Trump confident kids should go back to school","url":"/WNN/video/president-trump-confident-kids-back-school-72208616"}