Pro tips for spring cleaning's Dana White gives us the seasonal scoop to clean and declutter your space and life.
4:27 | 04/05/17

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Transcript for Pro tips for spring cleaning
It is one of those traditions at this time of year of course baseball opening days is nearly upon us a cherry blossoms in peak. He finally realize what a loser ungrateful boyfriend is in kick into the current. So is the tradition of spring cleaning. But it can be overwhelming Dana White author of how to manage your home without losing your mind is here to help us out good morning. Edit your not here for relationship advice now. I'm not you should've known a long time ago to get rid of that good for nothing that I got a great partner I think yeah good productive partner but really it's about. It it is a lot of people get this urge to spring clean yet. But then they're overwhelmed it was clatter. And like I can't even spring clean there's too much stocks and my house sort of talk about how to work through that overwhelming Saturday. A pet well number one say. Your goal is to reduce the mass you know grab a black trash bag and he needs to be black for the little people in your home can't see what your putting inside. Okay their favorite thing ever and led by medical do we mean the mice. No I mean McCain headed can expect that you're gonna yet. So I think you don't just get rid of trash because usually if there's a mass of clutter. Mean it's going to be trash and there are things that you meant to throw away that you didn't things that make you go wider I still have this. Go ahead and get the trash out that overall mess will be reduced. Should be a little less overwhelmed and he can keep going OK so that's that's what you would say is the first move yes. When it comes after you get through the trash guess what next the easy stuff. Okay now let me explain what I mean by easy theft. That easy sap is the staff that has a home somewhere else it's just not there. And so you look at this massacre that's overwhelming that they used that oval what's easy in here yeah this is easy and go take it there right now. So that you don't have a key box and our repress the nation box figures this to go through later and you'd never actually get to that sent him what if you're not sure exactly where some things should go through okay. Day so this isn't my eight. First de cluttering question okay and that is if I was looking for this item. Where what I look for it first. We cannot where should I look for at that where would I actually go to find it if I needed best. I take it there right now that's where it should get it is where you would look first so than for me that's a cosmic and I have other stuff that are already piled up in the complex. OK so that this little complicated but everybody has that problems could have settled in no you're not and it yes you are you are. Definitely a special pet Halloween you get that the space that's also overwhelmed Maine yes. Don't let yourself get distracted just take out one thing. Okay that is obvious and easy that needs to go on the trash can. Put that there close it up and go back to the space that you're working on you can really make progress report divorcing many of the things that you've loved for so many years it's hard at that you can ask yourself first where what I look for that's the good if you can't answer that question I have a second to cluttering question okay that is. If I needed this what it ever occurred to me to actually look for like did you know that you had an if you didn't it's you would -- by another went. So go ahead and stick that in your donate OK so what's special about that donut box of this sound box this is a super boring donate box there's nothing special about it and that's important. Because it is going to leave my house I'm not gonna have to go back through it. I'm gonna donate it with the donations that are inside it can be get back a suitcase anything I didn't read of it it is a super special box to me I'm. There are perfectly quicker and you Colleen as you go pat yes just don't get hung up on the claiming yes okay picking your easy easy step yes league west the things that. Are going to be able to get rid of the desk quick aren't so that because if you will get rid of the clutter your house will feel and look cleaner. All right so then can you come back and give us some relationship advice on how to get get X out of I can totally do African. Pick it. Good at thinking about preserving this of course you can find many of the tips and in his website Islam comes clean on our website WNN fans how come you're watching released now. Decent clean up around here.

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{"duration":"4:27","description":"'s Dana White gives us the seasonal scoop to clean and declutter your space and life.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"46589020","title":"Pro tips for spring cleaning ","url":"/WNN/video/pro-tips-spring-cleaning-46589020"}