Quarantine gadgets

The Giz Wiz, Dick DeBartolo, returns with a stack of nifty gizmos to help when you’ve been spending too much time indoors.
3:48 | 04/06/20

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Transcript for Quarantine gadgets
So few of us have ever spent as much time locked indoors as we've been doing lately but front eating it leading to screen viewing it organizing well there's a hack for that. And joining us this morning with his favorite quarantine gadgets as our very own kids' lives at stake DeBartolo the morning deck putting out press. Good Monday. I think great stuff Mona we have prism spec that goals. This is a way they look a little weird but it's a way that you can watch television and read books wall yield laying down. Are magnified. But they actually have a emir in their so that they change would be licking at ninety degrees. And that way you can look at war look at television or read a book in a laying down petitioned very cheap ten dolls 115. But to. Oh where again is Theodore O lisle G. Guy around your neck. It takes many tablet or fallen up to seven inches even with the case you can have it in landscape or portrait mode Dicks and now that people making long phone calls and Skyping. You can walk around the house hands free with your phone or your tablet very inexpensive. It's I paid eleven dollars for mind and I thought what are gonna tell him. Video here of of cabinet caddy for netting you have time all denies cabinet caddy for extended cabinets or on account the top U display everything pulled these shells now it and then rotate them to see everything so you can use it in the kitchen for spices used it in the bathroom for medicine vitamins. Use it in the workshop for tools. Little nails screws use it for crafts. They come in singled to and three tax and there are available in black and Y eight. And this is really need this is called constructed eating. So you tell your kids don't play with you for booed but now. Now Intel and they can play with it could actually it was designed for kids eighteen months to about four years so that they could learn how to use utensils. But now that everybody is endless time they can play with their food is a little push here a spoon up Faulk. And at toy fair this year they introduced the dying no line for kids who like diet saw it. And and they are they're they're really great fun and if you used the code stay home fifteen. The company gives you a 50% discount so stay home and. Finally eating more at home so what do you have for even the adults are those of us have been eating a little too much. Well this might be the year who now are gonna tell you what they are NN a little said Terry about them it's called the knife and fork lift they actually on the they have dumb bells with a knife and a walk so you could lose weight but. Now when you go to go to the guy's web site he's looking for money to make more of them. But if you can't use each exercise I have a a link to an article arm and what's at. Things to use and home as free weights canned goods paint cans what it yards so he can exercise at home. And used it stay at home time whale. Now that I might need more than those of gun belt with thank you for that and britney's another shelter and plates gadget. Check Ebix website at his win dot biz or our own web site W and and fans dot com. Fifty Bartolo thank you again for joining us as always it is eggs pleasure to have deals. Things don't and we will be right back you're watching world news now.

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{"duration":"3:48","description":"The Giz Wiz, Dick DeBartolo, returns with a stack of nifty gizmos to help when you’ve been spending too much time indoors.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"69994405","title":"Quarantine gadgets","url":"/WNN/video/quarantine-gadgets-69994405"}