'Start Here' podcast: Marriage counseling through an app

There is an app that is helping couples sustain their marriages. ABC News' Brad Mielke reports.
2:00 | 07/03/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Start Here' podcast: Marriage counseling through an app
Federal turning out to romance. More specifically the romance of long term relationships OK so we all know about dating apps like tender and grinder and bumble and so many of giving up here. He's LM yeah. I have read about it I have asked did you know that there's there's an app that can help you meet maintenance. Your existing relationship. Here's ABC's bread milk and forgets. I -- yet there are a lot of apps to help you find a relationship right tender bumble sizzle is just an out for bacon lovers. Now the can help you sustain a relationship. I decided to check out lasting which claims to use a 126 research papers to counsel you on you relationship. So I sat down with my wife Jill lent and together we answered a questionnaire. I'm satisfied with our savings plan strongly in rain and strong and the applicant medic at its regular residents because it. In the end it spits out a list of things that you need to work on. Alley half classic is a lifestyle writer whose -- steps beginning to end and says she gets pretty good advice but at the end of the day she says. It's almost too easy to use. As convenient as act then it's almost too convenient because it doesn't foreshadow your comfort zone it doesn't force you to make African go to office every leaking kind of getting a different frame of mind speaking how these conversation ends. She says it does help you communicate but pro tip you guys do not answer those questions about work life balance right before you head off cue overnight job. The conversation can get a little rough. You can hear more about marriage counseling apps on start here later this morning check it out and apple podcasts for your favorite podcasting app. And a snagging. Thanks Bradley bread dating tips for identity. But it rarely you know we're looking at the list of the top rated dating site I can't I can't believe the slightest bit it has zoo risk match of course. Our time which is for people over and over again and single parents meet interest and missing from the ones we were talking about it or hands you know rumble.

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{"duration":"2:00","description":"There is an app that is helping couples sustain their marriages. ABC News' Brad Mielke reports. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"56335261","title":"'Start Here' podcast: Marriage counseling through an app","url":"/WNN/video/start-podcast-marriage-counseling-app-56335261"}