Teen's shoe repair company

He and his family tell ABC's Will Ganss about his small business and inspiring others.
3:00 | 09/11/20

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Transcript for Teen's shoe repair company
Summers when he when he got off to a seriously slow start for Antonio Davis thought it box or. Like all sixteen seasons word of Grey's Anatomy. I. Eat. All. Or money. I. I don't did not. Mom choosing to call in some back up. At the this recent audio had traveled to his sneaker convention together earlier in the year he know me eating its. And. This Reese challenging Tony ode to come up with a plan for a small business and in less than a week. Kicks bites cone was born. A shoe restoration and cleaning business in his neatly re purpose basement Tony hill is bringing new life to old souls. On I think I borrowed. Are ever. I thought. He. Put that aren't. Once done this user shrink wrapped in tact and ready for pick up Monday's kissing clients cars have been lined up outside Tony as house near lake. Waiting in line to park in your own drive like. Well. I'll hear more. Or. From beans watching to booming business. It's. He. Seemed don't. It's been. And if he can inspire other aspiring teen entrepreneurs like himself. Well that's an added bonus. For picture it. Tony isn't extreme he's looking for investors are sneaker companies to help take his basement business to then to the next level so shark take sharks if you're watching do we. Have an opportunity for you guys by the way Tony are still saying Hubbell when we reached out for this interview his or slots OS is that Ariel. It is really real and Tony I got some air forces that have been through a lot. Self apply it put a hurting on them.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"He and his family tell ABC's Will Ganss about his small business and inspiring others.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"72945981","title":"Teen's shoe repair company","url":"/WNN/video/teens-shoe-repair-company-72945981"}