Thanksgiving 2012: Last Minute Turkey Tips

Nicole Johnson of Butterball has the tips you need to make a memorable holiday feast.
4:13 | 11/22/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Thanksgiving 2012: Last Minute Turkey Tips
Welcome back everybody here of course is crunch time for all of you were planning a big holiday dinner and you haven't planned your meal on don't relax the cavalry is here -- -- doing this morning -- Butterball Turkey talk line expert. Nicole Johnson for a little home and cook in this -- thank you so much. For being here we -- we do appreciate it and I relatively few before he went on the air that I can't even boil water so every year we have you guys and got a break down the whole. Turkey cooking process here and you. Certainly -- an expert in this and probably get saved thousands of meals -- lot better. Over your years with -- -- here so. You know kind of walk us through a little bit here -- -- -- folks who may be nervous this morning you're up early they're cooking we have come of the three stages all mapped out an absolutely. First elected to go ahead and talk about how Michael about following my -- yes now for folks who perhaps haven't started buying process on Thanksgiving game -- get that phone call not believe or not on Thanksgiving Day. We tell them not to worry. There is a -- there's a faster way up buying your Turkey. And yet he's using -- cold water can't match that -- it can't farm per pound sell a ten pound Turkey would take five hours using -- -- that. What is the ideal way the best way to -- -- Turkey two -- one of the cold -- method which we just talked about. We also recommend refrigeration that he takes 24 hours for every four pounds of Turkey -- -- in your -- okay. He actually had an additional four days after its fully -- in which to cook and sound region OK gets -- a little something keep in mind for future reference I mostly like with the cooking of the of the -- the following depends again on the size of the merger deal with the pound -- absolutely absolutely very -- got to -- after the Turkey thought he would go ahead then and remove the rapper you want to keep in mind him jobless and there. We have a -- in there as well a lot of folks will go heading cooked yet. Don't me -- -- -- and -- -- stuffing or my mom chops it up and news in her Grady and are now -- my grandmother's. I -- -- really it's very good that Wayne. But its advantages of the butterball Turkey lack of -- has been done for you. So -- you cut -- the rapper remove your siblings. You go ahead and you drink poultry juices over the kitchen sink -- and now you go ahead and choose your hand now this isn't nice can't it's about two inches deep. So we recommend about two inches people thinking and -- said. And you see we have a flat -- that we place at the bottom of the hands I see that it's gonna helped elevate the Turkey up -- the can. To allow that -- circulating care and really prevent Turkey from sticking to the bottom of the pan. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Very why -- -- right here right here so really all you need to do as far as the prep work before you rustic. It's just lightly brushed this -- With some vegetable oil rich even sprayed with like Pam cooking spray OK and -- -- two help to prevent the Turkey for trying now. Another sold in six that we can't have it after the -- been roasting for about two thirds of the way he may take a peak -- -- He notes that the breast area is starting to -- faster than were -- the -- So -- the F fourteen times you take your piece of -- don't spoil the have to be two days. And you actually tanked or she -- the breast area. -- section helped us to slow the cooking process down on the breast area and prevent the -- from over Browning are over drying out as soon as he awaits not overcome the top aides -- actually an absolutely. And the question how long do you cook and of course is determined by how big -- Virginia easy actually. Now we recommend -- 325 couples and start to finish independently and Mikey said dependent on the week of your Turkey that will determine how long you cook it for. Now while a lot of times people will call enough say how I know what it's gotten -- best -- to -- redundancies using your me around -- yes it's going to register. Once sat Indian breast. 188 in the high. And for fox to choose to stuff their Turkey easiest way to check for -- you insert that meat thermometer right into the center of the -- and it registers 165. It's an indication Turkey's diet and -- has done it should look just like this right you have moved to third goal in Turkey golden brown it's beautiful that's right they'll tell you some attribute this was fantastic so -- -- so hopefully it's a lot of nervous. Ships questions out there today getting their family dinner together so we appreciate it thank.

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{"id":17785145,"title":"Thanksgiving 2012: Last Minute Turkey Tips","duration":"4:13","description":"Nicole Johnson of Butterball has the tips you need to make a memorable holiday feast. ","url":"/WNN/video/thanksgiving-2012-minute-turkey-tips-17785145","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}