Thumbs-Up Baby Takes Over the Internet

A 5-month-old boy's photo is drawing viral attention.
1:09 | 04/17/15

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Transcript for Thumbs-Up Baby Takes Over the Internet
Time now for the mix smashed him in five months old and already. Close to breaking the Internet. Gave me an African Internet but take a look at little so clear and look at this picture thumbs up. His parents posted this on read it got out almost a thousand comments. And they're gonna plan to post post like this every year TP compliance with. Keep it very cute isn't that a just accidentally kicked some things well yes you doubt and they called him and a great pose what it looks like he's in the what's it like. Think they're grown wheat around in the ultimate goal Baird it still looks. Stuff up of czar what we've done by because this next story Vinatieri says that new burrito is what they're calling it go to their shots and they'll. Roll up. Two scoops of ice cream in it for you now this is a promo for it fits coming on fort point. You get it everybody understand that Baugh here's the promo what they are there are billing this as something. Had big burrito. But Ben and Jerry support legalization of marijuana and this is for used donors out there. Back to step up real.

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{"duration":"1:09","description":"A 5-month-old boy's photo is drawing viral attention.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"30385491","title":"Thumbs-Up Baby Takes Over the Internet","url":"/WNN/video/thumbs-baby-takes-internet-30385491"}