Remembering Joan Rivers

Late night comics pay tribute to comedian Joan Rivers.
4:04 | 09/05/14

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Transcript for Remembering Joan Rivers
That is getting this morning celebrities paying tribute to Joan Rivers she was a standout late night comedian. And now -- successors. Remembered her legacy Jimmy Kimmel played a clip from her last night on -- show. Mr. Grasso wanted to do when he grows up this area right now local -- -- he wants to be of a football player that he has stupid what do you wanna. Give -- -- that I knew Judy Garland. David Letterman on his show last night praised her work that it. -- -- -- She was harder on herself than anybody really she would tell. These god awful jokes about herself so she felt like. Look if I'm gonna tell him about myself and then there's some other people out there that didn't grow up these are just jokes related -- -- month. But -- it's true lot of self deprecating humor but Jimmy Fallon. -- -- rivers back to NBC's the Tonight Show 26 years after her fall out of Johnny Carson. It's and it's unbelievable when you see how much to her work ethic and everything wins to ship -- a file cabinet full of jokes. That she would have but a file cabinet full of just like there was one I saw the -- the whole stack of cards about Tony Danza hagel. You need that this is why would you. I never thought about to have a file cabinet full of jokes telling -- that he's gonna. Well loved the Kennedy Center is recognizing by performers for their lifetime contributions to American culture this year's honorees are. But beloved Everyman actor and filmmaker Tom -- Comedian Lily Lily Tomlin -- -- -- otter who created he did see telephone operator Ernestine and who co starred in the movie. Nine to five British rockers staying -- Who songwriting is conquered this continent to. And so -- the reverend Al Green everybody knows his version of let's stay together. Nancy and friends. And -- -- Patricia McBride who danced with the New York City Ballet. For thirty years the president and First Lady to install them at a gala performance in December. Alleged torture and president of course -- -- -- -- yeah I was kind of take that yeah. And the pretending that -- -- Springsteen -- a mega rock star and he's now starring on the small screen to. The bonds will make his TV acting debut alongside. Stephen and debt and that Netflix TV series and Lilly hammer and then. Of course. As a regular on The Sopranos didn't really have our events -- -- -- a gangster and a witness protection program Bruce we'll have a small role as the owner and we hear that -- another sopranos veteran Tony sir sir Rocco will have a regular -- -- really -- -- playing a REIT -- be fun to watch. Can't wait a -- couple of celebrity milestones to note this morning actress Scarlett Johansson is welcome your first baby. Baby rolling door to pay -- spokesman says mom and daughter are doing well. And that scarlet and down her fiance a former French journalist. When he keep the baby out of the public I can't blame them little scar gel for -- and actress Alyssa motto is now a mother of two of the star of TV's mistresses is welcoming daughter Isabella Dylan. She and her husband and Hollywood agent. Are already have a son. -- who is three congratulations. To Paul who have been great -- and -- and Elizabeth and Elizabeth to be when it was the -- Anna and I think McCain's. Quote while we were added how that's not what Greta -- -- some birthdays holidays birthdays -- -- -- celebrating their big day. That -- icon Bob Newhart turns 85. Actress and send me this community Raquel Welch who turns 74 gorgeous and -- Houston -- -- -- and Michael Keaton. 63 happy birthday --

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{"duration":"4:04","description":"Late night comics pay tribute to comedian Joan Rivers.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"25258419","title":"Remembering Joan Rivers","url":"/WNN/video/world-news-now-remembering-joan-rivers-25258419"}