Deadly Winter Blast Across a Dozen States

Dangerous icy roads trigger multiple crashes and three deaths; officials call for a state of emergency in Northern Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma and more.
3:05 | 01/15/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Deadly Winter Blast Across a Dozen States
Saturday. I'm Cecilia Vega. We begin tonight with what is proving to be a deadly winter blast. Weather alerts at this hour across a dozen states, and now states of emergency. The roads downright dangerous here in northern Missouri. An overturned semi. Wave after wave of ice sending drivers skidding. This 20-car pileup in downtown Wichita. 20 million across the country under threat. That flag right there frozen stiff north of Tulsa, Oklahoma. And no easy going for this woman in Arnold, Missouri, and for so many tonight, the worst is yet to come. Adrienne Bankert starts us off in Wichita. Reporter: Tonight, dangerous freezing weather turning deadly. There goes another one right there. He is over. He rolled over. He rolled over. Reporter: Three killed in the treacherous conditions. Big rigs littering interstate 40 near Weatherford, Oklahoma. Causing crashes, including this truck. The driver killed when sliding into oncoming traffic. His cab ripped from the trailer. Just slow down. If you have to park, park somewhere and wait it out. Reporter: Freezing rain and ice in Wichita to blame for this chain reaction crash. More than 20 drivers colliding on the highway. I can just see every single car that was coming to hit me, and my air bag deployed and my head got whacked on steering wheel, like, five different times. Reporter: Now the midwest preparing for another blast. How many people are on the roads working to make sure we all stay safe? We have 60 trucks. We are putting them on the road 24 hours. Reporter: Trucks already rolling right now treating the roads. The road can look almost dry sometimes. Sometimes it's invisible and you hit it and it's too late. Reporter: Just a glaze of ice can make driving dangerous. A quarter of an inch can cause serious damage to trees and power lines. More than half an inch can be devastating. NFL fishlofficials taking no chances. The start time of the steelers/chiefs game delayed, and fans already bracing for the winter blast. The community not taking any chances with that forecasted ice. Church services have been canceled and a big concert postponed. Road crews are standing by. Cecilia? Another rough night ahead. Adrienne, thank you. Let's bring in Kate parker in for rob, and another snowy central park. You are tracking a winter blast right here. Reporter: We're dealing with snow and ice in the northeast. But our biggest concern are these ice storm warnings. They stretch from Texas, the panhandle all the way to Illinois. And overnight, we're looking at freezing rain from I-40 to I-70. On Sunday, look for heavy snow from New Mexico, stretching into Colorado. Not to mention possible severe weather in Texas. To reiterate, our concern is this overnight freezing rain. It could cripple roads as ll as bringing down power lines. Be careful on the ice. Good warning. Kate, thank you.

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{"duration":"3:05","description":"Dangerous icy roads trigger multiple crashes and three deaths; officials call for a state of emergency in Northern Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma and more.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"44785906","title":"Deadly Winter Blast Across a Dozen States","url":"/WNT/video/deadly-winter-blast-dozen-states-44785906"}