The effects of the total eclipse

Viewers felt a drop in temperature during the eclipse, and were able to see the corona and diamond ring of the sun.
1:23 | 08/21/17

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Transcript for The effects of the total eclipse
There were so many powerful breathtaking images and we have a couple of quick questions that let's bring in senior meteorologist rob Marciano was with a -- afternoon he's in Lincoln saint organ as well tonight. Out west and and first drop the temperature change so much talk going into this total solar eclipse but that. Who would be that the temperature would drop when darkness fell how much that we actually seek it out. Well it's certainly something that you see and feel. Depends on where you're here on the coastline to drop a good six degrees wet areas inland like Casper a lot Wyoming. Twelve degree drop in just two minutes are really reminds you. Just how important our son is ended honestly it's a bit scary when it's just disappears instantly like that David. And we saw those images rob all afternoon they were really stunning it's the corona which we don't see with the naked eye down here on earth but during that. The total solar tips are able to see it. Yet the atmosphere surrounding the sun what are NASA scientist hoping to learn from that. Olive something that they can't really study except for an eclipse so it's finally the sun finally blocked by the when you see that atmosphere that white hot plot not. Reaching into space. A hydrogen throwing. Players have read another colored it is into unbelievable show it's an eerie but as you know David awesome awesome spectacle. Well Bob I know you reported for many years from the Pacific northwest great to see you back there tonight rob Marciano with a spot things.

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{"id":49346583,"title":"The effects of the total eclipse","duration":"1:23","description":"Viewers felt a drop in temperature during the eclipse, and were able to see the corona and diamond ring of the sun.","url":"/WNT/video/effects-total-eclipse-49346583","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}