Fast-moving Hurricane Zeta slams the Gulf Coast

Zeta’s track is set to be close to a direct hit on New Orleans and the city has closed its massive floodgates built after Hurricane Katrina.
2:54 | 10/29/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Fast-moving Hurricane Zeta slams the Gulf Coast
Good evening and it's great to have you with us here on a very busy Wednesday night. The all-out sprint to the finish. President trump and Joe Biden and their closingarguments, with six days to go and with coronavirus surging. New an disturbing numbers tonight. But we cannot ignore the emergency playing out right now, the hurricane slamming into the U.S. At this hour. A record year now. The fifth hurricane to hit authorities tonight urging millions to take this seriously, not to let your guard down. Warnings into the Carolinas. This will then move quickly and bring storms all the way up into the northeast. Hurricane zeta with 110-mile-an-hour winds and a life threatening storm surge for hundreds of miles. Let's get right to rob Marciano there getting hit in New Orleans at this hour. Rob? Reporter: We are, David. The eye wall of hurricane zeta right now is cutting into new Orleans. We've already had winds gusting over 100 miles an hour. You can see the winds ripping down canal street. See the giant palm trees. All season, New Orleans has been threatened, but tonight, this city is taking a direct hit. Tonight, fast-moving her skein zeta slamming the gulf coast, with high winds and surging waves, as families hunker down. It does not look like we're going to escape this time. People need to hunker down. And be prepared. Reporter: Here comes zeta roaring ashore in southeast Louisiana, the third hurricane to make land in this state in just two months. This time, New Orleans going to take a direct hit. This is not a drill. We do expect directly impacting the city of New Orleans. Reporter: The city closing its massive floodgates. And then there is this wall. New since Katrina, just east of New Orleans. Designed to keep any gulf surge out of the city. It is huge. 26 feet high and nearly two miles across. Five tropical systems striking Louisiana since the start of the covid pandemic. Zeta coming less than a week before election day. We've identified in advance all of the polling locations so that power restoration efforts can be prioritized there. What a situation playing out tonight. Rob, we can see you getting slammed right now. Best you can, take us through the timing of this as we head into the night. Reporter: Well, it's the strongest storm we've had this late in the season make land. In over 100 years, David. It's moving quickly, so, that means that's good and it will get through quick. We got tropical storm warnings now up all the way into Virginia with the path of this thing. Storm surge up to 11 feet and rain, yeah, but my biggest concern is damaging winds. Let's time that out. We're seeing it now here in new Orleans. We'll see it in gulfport and biloxi later tonight. Cutting across Alabama and north Georgia tomorrow morning. Into the northeast, it will mix with some snow, as well. New York getting rain and heavy snow across northern new England, but a punishing blow here once again across the gulf coast in Louisiana. All right, rob Marciano. Get some cover there, keep the crew safe, as well.

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{"duration":"2:54","description":"Zeta’s track is set to be close to a direct hit on New Orleans and the city has closed its massive floodgates built after Hurricane Katrina.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"73892076","title":"Fast-moving Hurricane Zeta slams the Gulf Coast","url":"/WNT/video/fast-moving-hurricane-zeta-slams-gulf-coast-73892076"}