Florida in a State of Emergency

Tropical Storm Erika poses a 'severe threat' according to Gov. Rick Scott.
1:59 | 08/28/15

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Transcript for Florida in a State of Emergency
life. And to the state of emergency in Florida. Tropical storm Erika, barreling through the atlantic. On the ground tonight, lines at gas stations, empty shelves at stores. At least four people killed in the caribbean. This church demolished by the water. Rob Marciano, reporting from Florida. Reporter: Tonight, high winds from tropical storm Erika barreling through the Dominican Republic, taking aim at Florida. Lori gordon punta Cana. The winds are picking up and the rain is starting. Reporter: The storms hammered nearby Dominica, leaving behind mud caked graveyards of cars, washing out roads and bridges, at least 31 feared dead. At least 200,000 without power in Puerto Rico. Across Florida, long lines at gas stations and grocery stores. You have to think, if the worst happens, are you ready? Reporter: Here in Miami, there are a lot of new buildings with a lot of glass. Engineers opening the floodgates, the governor calling Erika a severe threat. And there's so many people who've moved here since we've had a hurricane, so I think that's one of our biggest risks. Rob, what's the latest on Erika? Right now, it's hitting the Dominican Republic hard. It's going to go across Haiti and scoot towards Cuba. And it will be difficult for it to strengthen into a significant storm. And the entire peninsula of Florida will be under the gun here. And hurricane Ignacio, tracking towards Hawaii. It's within that cone of uncertainty, so we'll be watching that one as well.

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{"id":33394309,"title":"Florida in a State of Emergency","duration":"1:59","description":"Tropical Storm Erika poses a 'severe threat' according to Gov. Rick Scott. ","url":"/WNT/video/florida-state-emergency-33394309","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}