Google to join forces with Walmart

This partnership plans to change the way consumers shop, especially with the help of Google Assistant.
1:13 | 08/23/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Google to join forces with Walmart
Next tonight, your money. Google and Walmart, teaming up to take on Amazon, and tonight what they are offering to get American families to try it out. Here's ABC's linsey Davis. Reporter: Word today that Google, the number one search engine is joining forces with retail giant Walmart. Okay Google, turn up the music. Reporter: A partnership that promises to turn up the convenience for consumers, and could change the way we shop with hands free help from Google assistant. Okay Google, turn on the hall lights. Reporter: As of September, you would also be able to make online Walmart purchases with Google assistant, similar to Amazon purchases with Alexa. Alexa, order trash liners. Reporter: The companies taking direct aim at online retailing behemoth Amazon which is diving further into the grocery business after recently announcing a deal to purchase whole foods. People may not be using these smart speakers as much now, but eventually it's going to be so integrated into our homes and lives we won't know another way to shop. Reporter: Google is also hoping to lure new customers by scrapping that $95 express membership fee, and offering free two day shipping for orders that meet the minimum. Walmart's voice activated grocery shopping will be available next year, David.

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{"duration":"1:13","description":"This partnership plans to change the way consumers shop, especially with the help of Google Assistant.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"49387025","title":"Google to join forces with Walmart","url":"/WNT/video/google-join-forces-walmart-49387025"}