6 million vaccines delayed by weather as Pfizer adjusts storage requirements

The vaccine previously had been stored at 94 degrees below 0 but now can be kept in a regular medical freezer.
3:32 | 02/20/21

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Transcript for 6 million vaccines delayed by weather as Pfizer adjusts storage requirements
can't wait to see that. The storm as we have been reporting all week long slowing vaccinations. The white house covid task force saying this has impacted all 50 states, delaying 6 million doses, and now the race to catch up. President Biden today visiting a pfizer plant in Michigan. Pfizer saying they will soon be able to produce batches of vaccine, some of it in half the time, cutting it from 110 days to 60 days. That was encouraging. Having to story their vaccine at 90 degrees below zero, it may be stored? Regular medical freezers. Here's Mary Bruce. Reporter: President Biden today getting a firsthand look at pfizer's assembly line outside Kalamazoo, Michigan. There is 351,000 doses just in this one pallet. Fascinating. Reporter: As pfizer now saying it will soon be able to produce batches of the vaccine in half the time, from 110 days down to 60. And pfizer says the vaccine, which had to be stored at 94 degrees below zero, can now be stored in a regular medical freezers once it arrives at vaccination sites. For Americans desperate to get back to some sense of normal, Biden is trying to offer optimism, but also a dose of reality. I believe we'll be approaching normalcy by the end of this year, and god willing this Christmas will be different than last, but I can't make that commitment to you. Reporter: The president still promising 600 million doses by the end of July, enough for all Americans, but he acknowledged not everyone will have received the shot by then. He's urging Americans to get it. If there's one message to cut through to everyone in this country, it's this -- the vaccines are safe, take the vaccine when it's your turn and available. That's how to beat this pandemic. Reporter: But the rollout has been slowed down by this week's storms. The backlog now roughly 6 million doses, impacting all 50 states. Authorities promising to catch up quickly. We anticipate that all the backlog doses will be delivered within the next week, with most being delivered within the next several days. Reporter: The weather delays stretching across the country. In Los Angeles, cars turned away at dodger stadium, where they're already facing shortages. This is the second time in less than seven days, and no shot for my friend. Reporter: In North Carolina, 91-year-old lily Pena, unable to get her second dose, is fed up. I'm very frustrated. Angry. We hear it, and we hear it loud and clear. Mary Bruce with us live from the white house. Mary, pfizer saying today they may be able to cut down production time from 110 days to 60 days. Liked how that sounded, though what that could mean for the ultimate time line remains to be seen, because the president is sticking with that promise, enough vaccine for 300 million Americans by the end of July, he said again today. But he also said he acknowledges that doesn't mean everyone's going to have to shot by then. Which is why you heard the president doubling down on the vaccine's safety, urging everyone to be vaccinated as soon as possible. The goal, of course, to reach herd immunity, with 75% to 80% of all Americans vaccinated then hoping we may get a sense of normalcy by holidays. Wow. I know people heard Christmas and thought that was a long time, but he's trying to set expectations. Mary, thank you. The president also spent

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{"duration":"3:32","description":"The vaccine previously had been stored at 94 degrees below 0 but now can be kept in a regular medical freezer.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"76008000","title":"6 million vaccines delayed by weather as Pfizer adjusts storage requirements","url":"/WNT/video/million-vaccines-delayed-weather-pfizer-adjusts-storage-requirements-76008000"}