Millions prepare to face blizzard weather

Twenty-five states are under weather alerts Thursday as a major storm moves east.
3:01 | 12/27/18

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Transcript for Millions prepare to face blizzard weather
And we begin with the severe winter blast, moving cross-country at this hour. Blizzard warnings, flood watches and possible tornadoes. Near whiteout conditions, look at that, in New Mexico and the dakotas. Cars and trucks skidding right off highways. Powerful storms causing transformer explosions in the New Orleans area. Sparks streaking along the wires there. And the system pushing its way into the northeast, beginning tomorrow morning. Heavy rain from D.C. To philly, New York all the way to Boston. ABC's Victor Oquendo is in Atlanta tonight to lead us off. Reporter: Tonight, holiday travel chaos, as that powerful storm races across the country. In the north, blizzard warnings and whiteout conditions. Watch this tractor trailer nearly slide off the road in Fargo. In Kansas, a state of emergency. 150-mile stretch of interstate 70 shut down in both directions. These are probably three foot drifts. Reporter: These truck drivers hunkered down. Trucks are coming in and parking but none are leaving. Reporter: Whiteout conditions all the way to the Texas panhandle. The storm moving east, stretching from Canada all the way to the gulf coast. And with it, torrential rain and lightning. In New Orleans, transformers exploding. That's crazy! Reporter: In Houston, high winds snapping all six poles holding up this billboard, sending it into this building. In Austin, flash flooding. Julie butler had to be rescued after her car got pushed a quarter mile off the road by floodwaters, thanking the firefighters who got her to safety. All of those firefighters are like angels from heaven. They're not little tiny things that sit on your shoulder, I mean, they're huge with wings. Reporter: First responders rescuing a sheriffs deputy nearby. And Victor joins us live from Atlanta. And Victor, this storm headed right towards you. Besides all the travel trouble this is going to cause, there is also a flash flood watch right there? Reporter: That's right, Tom. And it's already raining here in Atlanta. A lot more is on the way. Already messing up the commute for these folks behind me. That, plus wind gusts of over 30 miles per hour. We should be looking at downed trees and flooding from this storm tonight. Tom? Victor Oquendo leading us off tonight. Victor, thank you. Let's get right to ABC senior meteorologist rob Marciano. He's along New York's west side highway. And rob, it is a mess for so many out there right now. Reporter: It is. And this storm, Tom, is really stretching out across the entire country, from north to south. The most dangerous stuff right now is in the south. We still have parts of a tornado watch up for southeast Louisiana. Been Ruch in Baton Rouge. Flooding there. New Orleans, you are next. And this rain stretches all the way back to the great Lakes. The blizzard warnings are still up for the northwestern part of this thing. Atlanta, going to be a mess. Look at the rain getting into D.C., philly and New York. Tomorrow morning will be a mess there, too. Some of the rain, one, two, three inches of rainfall. Flood watches stretch from the south all the way into new Jersey. Rivers and streams are running high. Tom? And we'll track the storms into the weekend. Rob, thank you.

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{"id":60041529,"title":"Millions prepare to face blizzard weather","duration":"3:01","description":"Twenty-five states are under weather alerts Thursday as a major storm moves east.","url":"/WNT/video/millions-prepare-face-blizzard-weather-60041529","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}