New Orleans Remembers Hurricane Katrina

The community celebrates how far it has come since the deadly storm.
2:19 | 08/30/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for New Orleans Remembers Hurricane Katrina
Hurricane Katrina hitting ten years ago today. And we all remember images like this one right here behind me. Homes flooded as far as the eye can see. Well, tonight, the city is remembering what happened, but it is also celebrating how far it has come. ABC's bob woodruff reporting in from New Orleans. ? Reporter: This morning, singing and dancing. From the ninth ward of new Orleans to the gulf coast, a celebration after ten years of survival. We need help! Reporter: More than 1,800 people were killed when Katrina struck. 80% of New Orleans flooded. One of the saddest things I saw ten years ago was on this corner, where John lee shoveled and wept, working alone to bury his neighbor whose body had lain on the sidewalk for five days. You need to go. Please go. Reporter: Now he has built a shrine in her honor. It was my conscience that made me come and ask permission to bury her. I just -- some things in life that must be done. Reporter: From the convention center to the superdome, the people of New Orleans looked like refugees. Including Erika Harris, a 10-year-old girl frightened and hungry. You getting water and food or anything like that? I'm not drinking that water. That water is hot. Reporter: This week, we found her in Houston, now an honor student in college who volunteered to help others in Haiti and wants to become a minister when she graduates next year. I feel like all these events have shaped me and -- for the better. And I'm able to minister and to talk to people. I know what it's like, or, I've been there. Reporter: More than half of the people from here fled. Fortunately, today, the population has grown again, regaining more than 90% of what it once was. The big easy has gone through ten years of suffering, but today, the people here are marching again. ? now, you can see that the celebration is continuing late into the night. I should tell you that three presidents have already participated in all of this. Obama and bush the first couple of days, and tonight, it will be bill Clinton's turn. Cecilia? And we are celebrating with the big easy tonight.

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{"duration":"2:19","description":"The community celebrates how far it has come since the deadly storm. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"33408079","title":"New Orleans Remembers Hurricane Katrina ","url":"/WNT/video/orleans-remembers-hurricane-katrina-33408079"}