Powerful messages at George Floyd’s funeral service

George Floyd’s family gathered to remember the man they called a “gentle giant.” Former Vice President Joe Biden and Rev. Al Sharpton spoke about his legacy as a catalyst for change.
4:52 | 06/09/20

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Transcript for Powerful messages at George Floyd’s funeral service
And good evening tonight from Houston, where we witnessed today a moving service for George Floyd, a native son, a high school football star from the third ward here. A father. They said he was not a perfect man, but he must have been chosen for this moment. Heartbroken to have lost him, the family, the friends, the loved ones gathered here today now believe his name here in Houston, here in the U.S. And around the world will stand for something else -- for justice and for the push for change. Law enforcement officers saluting as the gold coffin was carry into the fountain of praise church today. This moment, 15 days after the world learned his name, this moment was for the family. Many of them dressed in white here. His young niece, Brooke Williams, saying unlike her uncle, she can breathe. And as long as that's true, she will seek justice for him. Former vice president Joe Biden visiting with the family here yesterday. The video message played today for this community and for the family. And his words for the little girl he met yesterday, George Floyd's daughter, Gianna. Houston mayor Sylvester turner promising a series of executive actions here today, including a ban on the use of chokeholds here in Houston. There were so many here, from different back grounds, from all over the country. NFL star J.J. Watt from the Houston Texans paying his respects. And the reverend Al Sharpton asking some very difficult questions, saying change will come, but that difficult days are ahead. And all of this tonight as new videos now emerge, new scrutiny on cases from Oklahoma City to Austin, Texas, and you'll see but we begin tonight with what played out right here at the church behind me, and ABC's Marcus Moore leads us off here in Houston. Reporter: A moving final farewell for George Floyd in Houston. I believe I believe that a change is gonna come Reporter: Hundreds of family and friends gathering to remember Floyd -- the child and then the man they loved long before the movement. The world knows George Floyd. I know Perry Jr. Reporter: The star high school athlete with the big smile and sense of humor. A gentle soul. A loyal friend. A protector. I thank god for giving me my own personal Superman. God bless you all. He was an umbrella to all of us. He was 6'6." Any rain came our way, he made sure that he could cover for us. I want justice for my brother. My big brother. Reporter: Their brother calling out to his mother in those final moments of his life. When he cried out for his mama, we believe that the ears of mamas across this nation reared up. That the ears of mamas across this world heard him cry. Even though for one mama, all mamas began to wail. Reporter: Just a day after meeting with the family, Joe Biden sharing a video message and these words for 6-year-old Gianna. Daddy is so proud of you. No child should have to ask questions that too many black children have had to ask for generations -- why. Why is daddy gone? When there is justice for George Floyd, we will truly be on our way to racial justice in America. And then, as you said, Gianna, your daddy will have changed the world. Reporter: A regular man from the streets of south Houston, whose legacy may now be a catalyst for change. If four black cops had done to one white what was done to George, they wouldn't have to teach no now lessons. Until we know the price for black life is the same as the price for white life, we are going to keep coming back to these situations over and over again. We should recognize the mother of trayvon martin. Will you stand? The mother of Eric Garner. Will you stand? Reporter: One by one, the reverend Al Sharpton calling on the families who have shared the Floyd family's anguish. All of these families came to stand with this family. Because they know better than anyone else the pain they will suffer. Reporter: Tonight, one final journey for George Floyd through the streets of Houston, to be laid to rest beside his beloved mother. Marcus moo witnessing it all with us today. And Marcus, I know you are in the neighborhood where George Floyd grew up, and, of course, there's the new mural right there behind you. Reporter: Yeah, David. The mural on the side of a neighborhood market was created just days ago and we have watched a constant stream of people coming here, many of them bringing their children, to take pictures or simply get a glimpse of this spot that since Floyd's death has become a rallying point for change.

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{"duration":"4:52","description":"George Floyd’s family gathered to remember the man they called a “gentle giant.” Former Vice President Joe Biden and Rev. Al Sharpton spoke about his legacy as a catalyst for change.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"71164312","title":"Powerful messages at George Floyd’s funeral service ","url":"/WNT/video/powerful-messages-george-floyds-funeral-service-71164312"}