Behind the Scenes at 'World News'

Diane Sawyer takes you to meet the people at the heart of "World News."
3:08 | 08/27/14

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Transcript for Behind the Scenes at 'World News'
And next here now I'd like to take you behind the scenes of this broadcast to meet some true friends who are the heart of world news. Night after night. Night after night behind the desk beyond the camera the team left ABC world news on the journey. To bring you the news from around the world. Walk into this building in the morning so much history. So much curiosity. And dedication. Our name -- -- anymore this is what we polled believe him. Oval shaped nerve center of news and ideas. We're concerned about. Good producer Michael corn. Senior producer doctor isn't it or fire. Editorial traffic cops and everything pouring in. The Cuban people and over in the -- the young faces of what we -- Q Milan. People who are going to run this news division someday. It's. Good enough for a secret shortcut upstairs a warrant that rooms with our brilliant producers and editors then they'll. Then there's the graphics department -- Talented people in the big. And our powerful Washington bureau. -- -- across the country cartoons around the globe. Working under tight deadlines every single day. And every now and then games score -- say a group -- for no reason or for our ABC president venture would you kindly ask you not judge this. The singing and and oh oh. And as the -- don't begins the blue work -- getting ready for Air France. Our president in the studio and -- people who are front and center with -- every night again so much dedication and intelligence the determination. And the certainty of purpose. They're doing this for you he. Smile and the -- and -- team always with the red. Tomorrow. And next week. Every week -- Okay. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Okay. And there's one more place I'd like to show you can count our director Dave -- eight. -- go. Up into the control road. Team. -- -- -- Thanks guys for every single night and when we come back you know I'm not going far and I have a personal note for everyone watch it.

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{"id":25153324,"title":"Behind the Scenes at 'World News'","duration":"3:08","description":"Diane Sawyer takes you to meet the people at the heart of \"World News.\"","url":"/WNT/video/scenes-world-news-25153324","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}