Surge in coronavirus cases forces closures

As cases surge across the U.S. at least 14 states have hit the brakes on reopening, while New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo shared a warning to the rest of the country.
4:44 | 06/30/20

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Transcript for Surge in coronavirus cases forces closures
And good evening. Thanks for joining us on a Monday night. I'm Tom llamas, in for David. And as we come on the air tonight, the coronavirus surging across more than half the country. At least 14 states pausing their some putting newly lifted restrictions back in place. There are now more than 126,000 American lives lost. The W.H.O. Issuing a blunt warning, saying, quote, this is not even close to being over. Take a look at Florida. Long lines of cars waiting for hours at testing sites in Miami gardens. Jacksonville, host of the GOP convention, now issuing a mandatory mask order. Texas with nearly 4,300 cases in 24 hours. Houston's fire chief saying paramedics are responding to nearly 1,100 calls per shift. Most of them respiratory issues. And breaking news in Arizona on new closures, with some hospitals near 90% capacity. The governor moments ago issuing in sheout orders for many businesses. Alarming numbers in Los Angeles county, now with more than 100,000 cases after reporting its large egs single day increase. New York governor Andrew Cuomo considering delaying phase three of reopening, because of the rapid rise in cases in other parts of the country. And some governors urging president trump to require everyone to wear a mask in public. ABC's Marcus Moore is in Texas to lead us off tonight. Reporter: Tonight, doctors say the coronavirus is spreading like a wildfire across the country. In Houston, paramedics working around the clock. Crews suiting up in ppe, treating every call as a possible covid case. In the last couple days, we've doubled and tripled. Reporter: This team racing to save a patient in cardiac arrest, using a special device for cpr to limit exposure to the virus. But sadly, it was not enough to save a 55-year-old man. Texas trying to halt the flow of patients. If I could have done anything differently, it would have been to delay the opening of bars. Reporter: Still, this was the scene at a restaurant last night in Houston. Bars shut down in seven California counties, including L.A. County, where cases hit 100,000 today. In Tennessee, where cases reached new records, singer chase rice facing backlash after posting this video this weekend. At this planet fitness in west Virginia, officials warning over 200 patrons may have been exposed. Bars across Florida are now closed again, where hospitalizations have climbed for 15 days. And now, backlash after mayors announced beach closures for the fourth of July in Florida's biggest counties. Be grateful for the wonderful America that we have. Reporter: The governor of new York today signaling he may pump the brakes on restarting indoor dining. Our reopenings have worked very well. We're not going backwards. Reporter: The governor later tweeting, "Wake up, America. Covid is getting worse, not better. The white house is in denial." Casing climbing in 31 states, but tonight, there is no national strategy to face an exploding crisis. The health secretary warning time is running out. The window is closing. We have to act and people, as individuals, have to act responsibly. Reporter: But it comes amid mixed messages. The vice president pushing masks at his Dallas campaign event. Wear a mask wherever it's indicated or wherever you're not able to practice the kind of social distancing that would prevent this spread of the coronavirus. Reporter: Pence wearing a mask himself, but watching a 100-person choir swing without masks before a crowd of 2,000 people in just the last 24 hours, 28,000 more Americans infected with the virus. So many of them young. 29-year-old Allie gidry losing her battle with covid. But doctors able to deliver her baby girl four months early before her mom passed away. And in Florida, 17-year-old Chan tell Solas is talking after spending more than a month on a I feel like god gave me a second chance to live life. That 17-year-old survivor right there. And Marcus joins us now from Houston. And Marcus, we're learning more tonight about that rare inflammatory disease effecting children? Reporter: Tom, researchers have found 300 cases of the syndrome and we're talking about children who were experiencing this syndrome weeks after contracts covid-19. And 80% of the cases, they needed intensive care and a handful actually passed away and that's significant, Tom, because of the vast majority of the children were healthy before con trablgting covid-19. Tom? Still so much to learn about that syndrome. Marcus, thank you.

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{"duration":"4:44","description":"As cases surge across the U.S. at least 14 states have hit the brakes on reopening, while New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo shared a warning to the rest of the country.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"71520844","title":"Surge in coronavirus cases forces closures","url":"/WNT/video/surge-coronavirus-cases-forces-closures-71520844"}