Trump lawyers deny Mueller's request for in-person interview

They told the special counsel team the president is willing to consider "appropriate" written questions, sources told ABC News.
2:58 | 08/08/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Trump lawyers deny Mueller's request for in-person interview
with the president and his showdown W Robert ler. We have now learned that prentru H respond to the special counsel's request for a interv ABC news Ady reptedhat Mueller wants to ask the pride obstruc justice. GHT, the ws, the present D his legal team rejecng Mueller's terms, DEM a narrower scope of cane asked, and it's believeey do not want the president to be outbstruction O justice. Negotiat between T president and special counsel have been going now,nd ask tonight, could Mueller eventuallytead just subpoena the president? ABC's chiefhite house correspondjonathan kl ING us off. Reporter: It's a move that tsntial cotitutional showdown between the prest and robe Eller. President trump's lawyerday reject the special counsel requfor an in-rs review on aange of suects including possible obstructi sources familiar with the gotiations tell news the president's lawyers told Mueller's am he is wing to consider, quote, "Appropriate" written qutions, but he is ined to answer questions related to obstruction of it's a counteroffer that is unlikely satisfy mueller.and today,he preside's lead rney calleon muello wrap us investigion before the start of the fall campaign. 'S about te thds. And I hope the special counsel is ansitive tot E, wenot want trun into T nombns. This shod be over with by September 1st.r being th us. Reporte giude the comments appearing on a radio show hosted by aer trump lawyerjay sekulow. If others E an interview, let's have it. If the not going to be a interview, then let him write his re Reporter: The latest move by the presidt's legal te a week after sources say Mueller told to ask pridons related T obstruction of justice that the qions needed to be both in-person and in writing. The president for more THA ING, even eao do an interviewith the special counsel, going back ton we first asd him abouit just after Mueller was appointed. Would you will being to speak oathoive your version ents? 100% would love to speak. I would L to body wantso speak more than . Reporter: His lawyers, however, acknowledge the ultimate dis review remains the president's alone. It's hidecision bh as an individual and as the president. Jon Karl wh U liven tonighfrom the wte house. And Jon, you've reported ons band forth bwe the president and the special sel reallyor months now. Is there a a W Mueller cou simply subpoena the prident? Eporter: Ll hard to the trump has rejecd so much as as asor a subpoena it absolutely is a possibly, in fact, the trump legal team hasee preparing to fight thlief that one could well be coming. Davion Karl tough Jon, thank you.

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{"duration":"2:58","description":"They told the special counsel team the president is willing to consider \"appropriate\" written questions, sources told ABC News. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"57117523","title":"Trump lawyers deny Mueller's request for in-person interview","url":"/WNT/video/trump-lawyers-deny-muellers-request-person-interview-57117523"}