Trump tours Pennsylvania business without face mask

The president urged residents to push the Democratic governor to open the state "a little bit" as the CDC released new guidelines for reopening.
3:23 | 05/15/20

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Transcript for Trump tours Pennsylvania business without face mask
As all this was playing out tonight, the warning that the coming fall and winter could be very difficult, that if there is any plan and quickly. Laid today, the CDC issuing new federal guidelines for opening the country. It comes as many states have already begun to do so. The battles tonight in Wisconsin, Michigan and the president now in Pennsylvania tonight, taking on the governor there. All of these states, as you likely know, will be key in this election. And tonight here, the flash points and the questions, is it too soon? While others argue, it's not soon enough. Here's Alex Perez. Reporter: Tonight, president trump touring a medical supply business in the battleground state of Pennsylvania. Most of this equipment is made in the usa and that's the way we like it. Reporter: Members of the white house staff wiping down handrails before the president arrived. Trump, who wasn't wearing a mask, surrounded by people who were, taking a shot at the state's democratic governor. We have to get your governor of Pennsylvania to start opening up a little bit. You have areas of Pennsylvania that are barely affected, and they want to keep them closed. Reporter: The president's visit coming as the CDC releases new guidelined, providing the most specific guidance yet on how to safely reopen while avoiding new outbreaks. The CDC recommending schools and camps stagger dropoffs and limit how afternoon kids mix into groups. The guidance also says restaurants can reopen as long as they can answer yes to several questions, including encouraging social distancing and flexible leave among employees. People flocking to bars and restaurants in Wisconsin, hours after the state supreme court struck down the governor's stay at home order, which the president called a win. The owner of the brat stop restaurant saying residents shouldn't be forced to stay home. I think I should be able to decide if we want to go out Reporter: Tonight, Wisconsin's governor defeated, pleading for people to remain cautious. Experienced crowds or unsafe conditions that make you feel uncomfortable, go home. The virus hasn't changed and neither has the science. Reporter: In Houston, this restaurant jam-packed with people, two weeks after Texas allowed restaurants to reopen at 25% capacity. A scuffle breaking out on the steps of Michigan's capitol today, protesters, many blasting the governor's stay at home orders. Some armed with guns. She's the worst governor this state has ever had and we need to get rid of her. Now. Reporter: At least 45 states already easing restrictions in some way and in four of those states, the number of new cases is on the rise. New Jersey governor Phil Murphy tonight announcing Jersey shore beaches will reopen in time for The Jersey shore, after all, is where memories are made. The last thing any of us wanted was for a summertime down the shore to be a memory. Reporter: The governor also highlighting 108-year-old new Jersey resident Sylvia goldscholl. Chef was just 7 years old when the Spanish flu killed millions. And she just beat covid-19. And David, here in Wisconsin, it's not exactly business as usual just yet. Fearing the virus could spread, many local cities and counties now have enacted their own restrictions for rez densidences and the governor working now for a new state-wide plan. Alex, thank you. All of this, as the toll on

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{"duration":"3:23","description":"The president urged residents to push the Democratic governor to open the state \"a little bit\" as the CDC released new guidelines for reopening.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"70690767","title":"Trump tours Pennsylvania business without face mask","url":"/WNT/video/trump-tours-pennsylvania-business-face-mask-70690767"}