Typhoon Soudelor Turns Deadly

Taiwan braces for direct hit with heavy rain and wind whipping through the streets.
1:48 | 08/07/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Typhoon Soudelor Turns Deadly
And now to the images coming in from overseas. The deadly typhoon making landfall at this hour. And it's already turned deadly. The mother and child bobbing in the water. They were rescued, but another child has been killed by this. And Taiwan is bracing for the hit. Neal Karlinsky is there. Reporter: It's difficult to stand up at times. The rain is torrential. It's very, very wet, and this is just the beginning. Tonight, typhoon soudelor is barreling in with the fury of a category three hurricane, as strong as hurricane Katrina. Taiwan's military is on alert, rushing people to safety. We were with soldiers as they evacuated a small mountain village. Including some who couldn't make it out on their own. The concern isn't just the rain. They're worried about these mountains, and so much rain causing devastating mudslides. We watched as emergency crews spent hours trying to clear local beaches of onlookers, even families here, to see the typhoon's fury up close. Cameras were rolling as one girl was rescued after being swept away. Two others are reported dead and one missing. All right, already reports of injuries. And high winds are expected to continue for several more hours. Neal, thank you. Back here at home, the other weather headline, the dangerous storms hammering the heartland. 4 million in the storm area.

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{"id":32958586,"title":"Typhoon Soudelor Turns Deadly","duration":"1:48","description":"Taiwan braces for direct hit with heavy rain and wind whipping through the streets.","url":"/WNT/video/typhoon-soudelor-turns-deadly-32958586","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}