What Would You Do: Man is shamed for working at grocery store

While checking out, a businessman recognizes his former colleague bagging groceries. He thinks this career change is embarrassing and takes pictures of the bagger. What will others think?
7:07 | 08/31/19

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Transcript for What Would You Do: Man is shamed for working at grocery store
What's up? Good. What are you doing here? What do you mean? Bagging groceries? You and I used to broker million dollar real estate deals, and now you're bagging groceries. It's a job. It's a story that made national headlines. Geoffrey Owens is used to being in the public eye as an actor, most known for his role on the classic sitcom "The Cosby show." Sondra, will you marry me? But now, more than two decades after that show went off the air, Geoffrey finds himself in a different spotlight. A photo of him working at a supermarket in New Jersey going viral online. Some appearing to job shame the actor. I wanted a job that I could have some flexibility, try to stay in the business. Hold on, before I pay, I gotta get a photo of you. The guys at the office are going to love this. One, two, three, groceries. You see a man, once in a high-paying job, shamed for working at a grocery store. "What would you do?" We're at the top tomato supermarket. Hi, how are you? Mike, is that you? Hey. Hey, what are you doing, man? Just working. Hold on, you work here now? Yeah. So you're not at the office anymore because you're doing this? Yeah. Her face says a lot. But she stays quiet as Andy belittles our bagger. This guy used to be a million-dollar broker with me. Now he's bagging groceries. Gotta admit, I feel kind of bad for you, Michael. Aren't you embarrassed? You should be embarrassed. Ah, here we go. Here we go. I should be embarrassed? Yes, you should, for talking to someone like that. Look at me and look at him. He looks better than you. That's better-looking? Do you know how much money I make compared to this guy? I've got nothing to be embarrassed about. You do. I mean, this guy's got to go home and look at himself in the mirror every day. So do you. And you should be ashamed of yourself. You didn't have to say anything. You don't know either one of them. Right, yeah, but you know, I feel bad for someone in that situation. What's the moral of the story? Just stand up for people when they're not standing up for themselves, for sure. As our bagger continues getting put down -- That's a fall from grace if I've ever seen one. -- Our cameras keep capturing people lifting him back up. You'll get back into business. You'll make it better soon. Some tell Michael what they think of his former co-worker. I think he's a pompous --. And others take on our bully directly. Some people can hack it in life and some people would rather bag groceries, I guess. I'm sure he's a nicer person than you. The reality is that you're an idiot. Let's start breaking it. How do you know what happened in his life? You should be so lucky that nothing happens in yours. It's been a couple of years, he looks perfectly healthy. I don't know why he's doing this, when he could have still been closing deals with me. He doesn't want to, I wouldn't want to work with you. Hi, how are you? You're kidding me, right? No. Look, you're gonna make me cry. It was that touching to you? Yeah, cause, you know, he thought he was all that with his suit and this and that. I would hire this guy over him any day. Here, let me get a picture of you with the groceries. These shoppers were a little shy about being on our cameras. That's not nice. But they each step in to block our bully from getting a shot of Michael at work. Why'd you do that, man? You're a , all right. This shopper is caught right in the middle of the action. That's a fall from grace if I've ever seen one. Don't be rude, that's mean. But she's quick to take Michael's side. What's that? You're being mean. Don't do that. Look at him, though. So what? Leave him alone. You know, some people in life are cut out for success and some people are cut out for this. Sometimes, it doesn't work out. All right, have him walk away. I gotta get some olive oil. How freaking rude. I appreciate that, thank you. He was rude. Sometimes things don't work out and it's none of his business. He's an actor, and so was the mean guy. Oh, my. Your message to people like that? Keep your comments to yourself. This shopper is next up at the register. He and I used to work together in real estate closing million-dollar deals. Before you guys start fighting, let me leave. I don't think there's gonna be any fight here, I would clearly win. Stay calm. It's advice for Michael, that he doesn't take himself. You ain't right, man. You ain't Right. Guy's got a bad break, what do you get rubbing the In for? I'm trying to help him out. You ain't helping him. You talking . Hey, get off your prescription, . You dropped some coins. What, you want me to come and drop you? This final shopper notices what's going on from across the store. You guys are father and son. Would you be embarrassed if you were working here? And decides to make this her business. Who's the guy? Michael. Michael, you sell real estate? No, he used to. You still have your license? He couldn't hack it. I would definitely like you to sell my house. Offering our bagger a chance to get back in to his old career. Why don't you have someone successful sell your house? Because you knocked him. 'Cause I'm what? You knocked him. I knocked him? He knocked himself. I guarantee you I could sell your house faster than he could any day of the week. On her way out, she asks for some information. I want his name, the company he works for, because I know a lot of people in real estate and I'll make sure they call you. Why get involved? Because I know a lot of people that unfortunately see hard times. And you want to pay it forward. Yes. I want to thank him. You don't know him. You know what? I want to know him, cause I respect him. I don't respect him. What's your message to the world today? Just treat everybody with kindness. Every day you turn on the TV and you hear so much sadness. Just respect and love each other. Maybe we can go forward. Geoffrey Owens is certainly moving forward. A year after that photo went viral, he quit his job at trader Joe's just this month. And now he's enjoying a different kind of spotlight, on the red carpet.

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{"duration":"7:07","description":"While checking out, a businessman recognizes his former colleague bagging groceries. He thinks this career change is embarrassing and takes pictures of the bagger. What will others think?","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WhatWouldYouDo","id":"65303601","title":"What Would You Do: Man is shamed for working at grocery store","url":"/WhatWouldYouDo/video/man-shamed-working-grocery-store-65303601"}