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Joshua Hoyos
Joshua Hoyos is the Weekend Assignment Manager, based in New York.
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Power restored to over 1.3 million customers in Puerto Rico amid massive outage
By Nadine El-Bawab and Joshua Hoyos
April 9, 2022 Story from US Nadine El-Bawab, Joshua Hoyos , ABC News
Hurricane Fiona moves north after wreaking havoc in Puerto Rico
By Nadine El-Bawab, Joshua Hoyos, Julia Jacobo and Morgan Winsor
September 22, 2022 Story from US Nadine El-Bawab, Joshua Hoyos, Julia Jacobo, Morgan Winsor , ABC News
Virginia Walmart mass shooting: What we know about the victims
By Teddy Grant, Oren Oppenheim, Joshua Hoyos, Sasha Pezenik and Meredith Deliso
November 30, 2022 Story from US Teddy Grant, Oren Oppenheim, Joshua Hoyos, Sasha Pezenik, Meredith Deliso , ABC News
Serena Williams loses at US Open, likely ends professional career
By Joshua Hoyos
September 3, 2022 Story from GMA Joshua Hoyos , ABC News
Soccer star Christian Eriksen sends 'greetings' to teammates after Euro 2020 collapse
By Meredith Deliso, Joshua Hoyos and Jon Haworth
June 12, 2021 Story from Sports Meredith Deliso, Joshua Hoyos, Jon Haworth , ABC News
17 dead, including several children, after dozens injured in NYC fire: Officials
By Julia Jacobo, Aaron Katersky, Joshua Hoyos and Ileana Riveros
January 10, 2022 Story from US Julia Jacobo, Aaron Katersky, Joshua Hoyos, Ileana Riveros , ABC News
5 dead, over 40 injured after car plows into crowd at Wisconsin Christmas parade
By Rosa Sanchez, Joshua Hoyos and Morgan Winsor
November 22, 2021 Story from US Rosa Sanchez, Joshua Hoyos, Morgan Winsor , ABC News
100 bullets fired in mass shooting that left 2 dead, 20 injured at Florida birthday bash: Police
By Jon Haworth , Bill Hutchinson and Joshua Hoyos
May 30, 2021 Story from US Jon Haworth, Bill Hutchinson, Joshua Hoyos , ABC News
'Horrible tragedy': Crash kills 10 in Alabama, including 9 kids
By Samara Lynn, Joshua Hoyos and Bill Hutchinson
June 20, 2021 Story from US Samara Lynn, Joshua Hoyos, Bill Hutchinson , ABC News
1 dead after people hit by truck in accident at South Florida gay pride march: Police
By Mark Osborne, Ivan Pereira and Joshua Hoyos
June 20, 2021 Story from US Mark Osborne, Ivan Pereira, Joshua Hoyos , ABC News
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