Ben Sasse slams Trump to constituents

“The View” co-hosts question how leaked audio of Senator Ben Sasse slamming President Donald Trump and calling him a “TV-obsessed, narcissistic individual” will impact Republicans’ opinion.
4:34 | 10/16/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Ben Sasse slams Trump to constituents
So Republican senator Ben SaaS really electron padded an elite phone call obtained by the Washington examiner and verified by the New York Times listen. They're obviously a lot of places where he and I differ as well. In the dark just mere policy issues so do the way he kisses dictators but I mean the way he. Ignores the dome tweeters are literal concentration camps and shouldn't jump the six regularly sell out our allies under his leadership ability treats women and spending like drunken sailor he mocks. I'm evangelicals behind closed doors has his family is. Treated the president feel like a business opportunities flirted with white supremacists I think we are readers staring down the barrel of the blue tsunami that we got a hold without it and so that's what I'm focused on I'm not. I'm not focused on Donald Trump. You know there's something about this that makes me mad. Because he and his fellow Republicans could have stopped did in its tracks. Well what many Democrats impeached him and they voted should not it snot and died. That is when he could've stopped it now because he didn't he won his primary against how right wing nut case. Now he's worried about the moderate senate comes out this statement and he's talking to the Washington examiner which is up. That a gallon conservative newspaper. I hit what do you think about themselves start with signing. I have to agree with you I mean you know Ben sass says it has been a critic of Donald Trump he has openly criticized him before. Hunt but the bottom line is he's also enabled this president as has the other Republicans in the senate. An ink and you don't think in the house and I'm I'm kind of disgusted. That he feels this way yet voted not to impeach voted not to indict. And and is now. You know us. Telling constituents I guess what he really thinks. Yet is now also saying well we've got a hold the senate. He's been participating in and in judge Gary it's you know he hearings knowing that that is sort of a sham hearing right pushing through. -- nominee so quickly yet also saying but we've got a hold the senate so we can do more things like this it's it's the height of hypocrisy and I find it sold distasteful and kind of disgusting really when you think about it apnea. I'm glad to hear the other two way that you only have them than it needs to Delhi's alleged straw banana. Not sure what. I bet there have been 70000. People to call it's not just. I will surreptitious Leigh reporting him. I think he's trying to go on the record and I'm really look I think Joseph I NG up sixty seconds and ten minute riff on crop and I think we just very knows he can and put on the end of it. I approve this message it is apolitical and me. Or Joseph I didn't lay on a loop and and rumors are. Enjoy I agree with everyone's saying it's it's too little too late people compromise their integrity that many times they didn't speak up beyond the voting teaching indicting. It was that there were time and time again where things were sat it we didn't hear from any other that notable Republicans. But the thing I found most interesting about this phone call not leak as Anna said. Was someone said asked him something about why do you always criticize the president. We have lost the ability to recognize that it doesn't matter what party or ideology who come from we should not follow blindly like Sheikh. Everything should be criticized everything should be questioned. Agreed with. This is asked compromised bandy we've lost the ability that we DC is at its best it's when they're all criticizing their all having conversations and talking. We've reached a really sad point when criticizing something on your own side becomes apologizing. Or wrong I found that the most talent could putt. I'd like to point out that Rudy Giuliani's door to act. And Kellyanne Conway store and I are both criticizing their parents I think those two girls should get a talk show what do you think. Yeah. Debbie. And Rudy Giuliani are going to be it will they're betting money. Is the board system. Oh god I have a correction what's the correction that he did not that it was not speaking to the Washington examiner I don't know but wasn't speaking to him. He was speaking didn't see her current state of Louisiana constituent at the Washington examiner found out at published that I guess.

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{"duration":"4:34","description":"“The View” co-hosts question how leaked audio of Senator Ben Sasse slamming President Donald Trump and calling him a “TV-obsessed, narcissistic individual” will impact Republicans’ opinion.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"73658323","title":"Ben Sasse slams Trump to constituents","url":"/theview/video/ben-sasse-slams-trump-constituents-73658323"}