Best pet on the net: Bernie Behar or Hostin's Hens?

Martha Stewart joins "The View" to judge a competition between Joy Behar's pup and Sunny Hostin's chickens.
7:18 | 05/15/18

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Transcript for Best pet on the net: Bernie Behar or Hostin's Hens?
We're back with Martha Stewart who agreed to judge "The view's" first ever installment of "Best pet on the net." This is a head-to-head or head-to-beak matchup between joy's dog and sunny's chickens to see which pet has what it takes to be a star of social media. It's Hostin's hens versus Behar's hound for all the marbles. So let's check out our contestants. ??? ??? Bernie is an incredibly famous dog now. He's so cute. He has thousands of followers on Instagram. He doesn't even lick himself. He has people do that. All: Bernie! I named him Bernie Sanders in particular because he believes in single payer care for vet narrow medicine. He looks like a very smart dog to me. He's a star and you have to pamper a star. You have to brush them every day. He's very particular about his hair, so yes, in that way he takes after me. There really isn't a TV dog right now I noticed which is good because there's less competition out there. When I was growing up of course we had lassie and rin tin tin. Lassie I heard was a total diva. Nowadays there's no really hot dog out there so Bernie could be that hot dog. I keep pushing, pushing him. I got him on Instagram. We put outfits on him. We have him with celebrities and nothing's happening yet. I have four hens. 'Em MI rules the roost, Lola named after my daughter Paloma. She is the most spirited of the group. Then I have atila the hen. Then I have Henrietta who is the sweetest probably. My hens are smarter than the average bird and they're very good egg layers. Every single day I get a beautiful,l egg. I have a flourishing Instagram account called Hostin's hens. I suspect my Instagram followers will really grow and will likely surpass joy's, but I just hope that we can remain friends when that happens. There's really no competition between Bernie, a dog, and this gorgeous bird with these beautiful feathers who lay blue eggs. I have to admit though, Bernie can't lay eggs. That's one thing he can't do. I am sorry to just ask this but what is his talent? What does he do? Does Kim Kardashian have a talent? No. She's just cute. That's enough. He is the Kim Kardashian of the dog world. He doesn't need to have any talent. He just is fabulous like she is. Joy is like dressing up Bernie. It's almost like he needs props to be cute. I am not allowing my dog to go down for a piece of pulltry. Who is she with these chickens, old McDonald? Let me tell you G, Behar, this is not eiei over. A big welcome to Bernie Behar and 'em MI and Henrietta Hostin. My feeling is Instagram accounts, especially for pets, should be very inspirational and informational. Are yours? No. No? No. What can we learn from your Instagrams with these lovely little pets? Nothing really. Like I said, it's just an aesthetic experience. Look at him. He's gorgeous. He's totally gorgeous, as are the hens. There's a lot that you can learn, Martha, from my Instagram account. Like what? And in reality, it's sort of we're in this social media age and everything is going so quickly. This is just a get back to basics for me. That's why I started owning and raising the chickens and I've seen with my children especially how wonderful it is because they run out in the morning and they grab eggs. Statistics do show that when you raise chickens or when you have animals, you increase empathy with children. I also have gardens for the chickens and for the children and statistics also show that when you -- when you raise your own vegetables children are more apt to eat what they grow and so when you look at my Instagram account -- Oh geeze. -- You learn about just, you know, what it is to get back to basics. Joy, is yours a support animal? What? What? Is Bernie more of a support animal for you? He's a support animal, yeah. By the way -- Who brings a chicken on a plane? You have to be an idiot. Okay. Henrietta can also walk on a leash. Oh big deal. Joy and sunny -- Pretty spectacular. To me a dog that relieves your anxiety is more important than some kind of animal that just lays an egg. I don't even like eggs. I would also like to add -- Your chicken walks backwards. Yes. My chicken walks backwards, Sara. Did you ever hear of a chicken without a head? That's this chicken. I would also like to note that Henrietta and Emmy -- Emmy is right over there, brought gifts for the judges. Oh! Thank you. You're welcome. That's not fair. Wait a minute, that's not fair. That is called bribery of the judges. Okay, all right, okay -- Wait a second, look what I have. I have a -- this is the toy that I want Bernie to chomp on, a chicken toy. Ave a question, joy. This is a tough competition that I know is important to both of you because you've been talking to me about it backstage for days. This dog is a democratic socialist named after Bernie Sanders. Does your chicken have any politics this Republican would like to know about, sunny? That is an excellent question. That is an excellent question -- Your hen is not Republican, dude. My hens are independents. Okay. Oh boy. That's not fair. Now she's going to get Meghan's vote because of that. Wait, wait, we have to deliberate. While our judges, aka us, deliberate -- talk amongst yourself. Here, Bernie, eat that chicken. What are we playing for? Fame. You announce it. I think that the Hostin's hens should win because of its educational and inspirational -- What are you smoking pot? Everyone in our audience is a

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{"duration":"7:18","description":"Martha Stewart joins \"The View\" to judge a competition between Joy Behar's pup and Sunny Hostin's chickens. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"55180773","title":"Best pet on the net: Bernie Behar or Hostin's Hens?","url":"/theview/video/best-pet-net-bernie-behar-hostins-hens-55180773"}