Bill Browder on how he became an enemy of Russia's Vladimir Putin

Browder, a financier and head of the Global Magnitsky Justice campaign, joins "The View" to discuss why he's become a prominent critic of the Russian government and its president.
7:42 | 01/15/19

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Transcript for Bill Browder on how he became an enemy of Russia's Vladimir Putin
The president's relationship with Russia continues to cause concern. And right now, we're getting up sight from the map who was the real Republican for the up fams trump tower meeting. And who has spent the last years trying to avoid being killed. Please welcome bill Browder. You were a freers partner with fighting krupgs with my father. You were a vocal supporter of Putin. But then everything changed. Why are you Vladimir Putin's number one enemy? I wept to Russia. Started an investment fund. Discovered everything was corrupt. I exposed it. I exposed Putin in all of his guys. They didn't take too kindly to that. They ek peled me from the country. They raided my offices. They seized all of our documents. And then, they arrested, tortured, and murdered my lawyer, sergei magnitsky. Which is how we got -- the award I got for my father. I think, the understanding is that the Russia and Vladimir Putin was using the united States as a slush fund, correct? What Putin does is, he does terrible financial crimes, like the one that magnitsky exposed. He does and he does them all over the place. He's gt all his guys doing it. And it's a whole corrupt system. They take all this money. And they don't want to keep it in Russia, because as easy as they stole it, it could be stolen from them. So they put it in U.S. Banks, London banks, Swiss banks. One of the things Putin is scared most of all is having that money taken away. Yeah. You brought -- He sends -- I want to check something. He sends all this money, auz these guys send the money to the United States and put it in real estate? Real estate. Bank account. Hemg funds. And somebody has to launder that money, right? Brauz it's really not taxed? There's a whole -- the worst thing is there's a whole industry of people with nice suits and good accepts and well-educated, safe schools, everything, that launder the money. Take the money. And give them a wink and say, don't worry, your money is safe with us. It was your name brought up in the infamous trump tower meeting. Also brought up in Helsinki at the press conference. Yeah. Putin is obsessed with you. He brings up your name every chance he gets. President trump called the idea of giving you over to the Russians an incredible offer in the Helsinki press conference. What was going through your mind when you heard the president of the United States say it was an incredible offer to give you up to the Russians? I'm siting there. Put. Has been going after me for ten years. They've made death trets. Arrest threats. Tried to go through interpoll. I thought to myself, this guy is -- I'm talking about president trump, is either very stupid not having been briefed about my story, because my store I have is all over the place. Or there's something wrong in his head. Because to hand me over to the Russians is about the worst thing. Were you scared that that could have happened? Well, you know, I think he says a lot of really dumb stuff. But -- but the system in America still works. And I didn't think that the department of justice or the U.S. Courts would have handed me over to the Russians. But the fact that he said that was -- was pretty unnerving. It up with just me. There were 11 other people they wanted to hand over. And the senate actually had a vote, should we hand these guys over. They voted98-0 not to hand us over. It was an hour before the vote that trump walked it back days later. He's what they call a useful idiot. I believe Lenin used that phrase. The Russians will use someone like him as a useful idiot. We don't know. It's not the first time my name came up. June 9, 2016, Putin sent a lawyer, a woman named Natalia veselnitskaya to trump tower. In that meeting, all about me and sir gave magnitsky and the magnitsky act which Putin hates so much. They said it was about the Russian adoptions? That was a lie? Putin banned the adoptions after the magnitsky act. Can you explain that? This goes to Meghan's father, John McCain, when my lawyer was killed, I went to America. I went to congress. I met with members, Democrat Benjamin cardin from Maryland. John McCain. I told them the story of the murder of my lawyer. I said can we do something about this? They came up with the magnitsky act. It freezes the assets and bans the vees Sas of people who killed magnitsky and people two do terrible things. It's what they were me tiging don Jr. In trump tower to get rid of. You've been following the money. People say you're going to catch trump. You have had a closer eye on this than any of us. Have you seen anything unusual with trump and money being spent? Yeah, what do you know? I have spent -- since sergei magnitsky was killed, he was killed for uncovering a massive $230 million corruption scheme. I have been following the money. I spent nine years. We found out where that money went. I have learned efg there is to learn about money landering. The first thing is I can tell you money leads an indelible trail. If any money is transferred in the system, you'll find that money. So far, we have not seen overlap between the magnitsky killing and the trump cam pain. We fun to that Vladimir Putin got some of that money. That's why he hates me so much. As we speak, he's trying to kill you. As we speak? He's Putin's number one enemy. Aren't you scared? How do you sleep at night? I sleep like a baby. I wake up crying every -- seriously. Seriously. I'm -- I don't live in fear. Because you cannot live in fear. Because if you LI in fear, they have already got you. They've already got you. They won. Yeah. Final thing. I think it's been bizarre for those of us who know about the murderous kgb dictator that is Vladimir Putin. Whey do you think it is president trump is so receipt September to ever say anything remotely critical of Putin? Good question. It makes no sense. It doesn't serve his political purposes. It's not like the -- his base loves Russia. It doesn't serve -- neither does the Republican establishment love Russia. So it doesn't serve -- it makes no sense unless there is other information that we don't have available to us. Tapped wonderful thing is, emp asks me to predict what will happen with the Mueller investigation. I don't know. But Mueller knows. Mueller knows everything. We'll find out soon. Thank you so much. Thank you for my friend, bill

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{"duration":"7:42","description":"Browder, a financier and head of the Global Magnitsky Justice campaign, joins \"The View\" to discuss why he's become a prominent critic of the Russian government and its president.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"60397931","title":"Bill Browder on how he became an enemy of Russia's Vladimir Putin","url":"/theview/video/bill-browder-enemy-russias-vladimir-putin-60397931"}