California returns to modified shutdown

After a new surge in COVID-19 cases pushed Gov. Gavin Newsom to put parts of the state back into a modified lockdown, “The View” co-hosts react and discuss if other states will follow suit.
5:15 | 07/14/20

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Transcript for California returns to modified shutdown
You know, unfortunately a new surge in covid cases has governor Gavin Newsom putting parts of the state of California back into modified lockdown. He's closing churches and salons and restaurants and, you know, some folks are saying is this indicative of what we could be looking for here in New York? Is it just a matter of time before you feel we'll be taking similar measures? What do you say, sun? I definitely think so. We talked about a second wave for a long time. I think governor Cuomo was right on in all the efforts we took early on. I think people in New York took it seriously because we were the epicenter. With the spike and rise and surges all over the country, there's no question we'll see it come back around here. It's unfortunate. We saw such devastation in new York, but we're seeing that devastation all over the country. I'm not surprised that governor can you more is saying he believes we'll see that here in New York again. What do you think, anybody? I guess I'm asking both of you. Do you see or feel the same way, joy? About closing the schools? I mean, yesterday they asked trump -- they said to him -- there was a woman, a teacher died in Atlanta. What do you say to people, parents, who are afraid to send their kids to school? He said, yeah the schools should be opened. Schools should be opened. Kids want to go to school. Me tarzan, you Jane. You're losing a lot of lives by keeping things closed. I thought it was the opposite. You know, these kids -- we don't know all the information. The science is still out. The jury is out on what the kids are going to bring home, how fast they get it, what the repercussions are in the years to come. You hear about blood clots and kidney failure from this disease, all sorts of stuff. We don't know. They need to err on the side of caution. May I just repeat what I said last month or something. If the kids cannot go back to school and they are falling back too much, but the safety concern is of the utmost importance, they should extend the year. Instead of going from kindergarten to 12, one more year at the end. Put them back one more year and everybody will be on the same playing field, not Betsy Devos' plan to only take care of private school children. What do you think, Meghan? Do you think we could be heading into another surge for us here? Clearly governor Newsom thinks it's intense enough and bad enough that he put California on a revised lockdown yesterday. You can't go hair salons, gyms, restaurants are closed and the cases are rising badly enough in California he felt that was needed. This morning I woke up to a list of demands from the L.A. Teacher's union. In order for them to feel comfortable going back to school they're calling for defunding the police, getting rid of charter schools, a new wealth tax and medicare for all. This is when people get angry. What does defunding the police and a wealth tax has to do with bringing children back to school. I think the number one priority should be in what way -- in what realm? If that means teachers doing zoom classes or having a proctor in the class -- this is not my wheelhouse. There has got to be a way to do this safely. When the united teachers of los Angeles have a list of demands that includes defunding the police, it makes me think this is off the rails. You're right, joy. Maybe we'll have an entire generation that has a year of their lives completely lost. Part of the reason teachers have thrown this in is because they want some of the money funneled to the police department. I think they're feeling as if they can tap into some of these things it will make it easier. I personally feel like the best way to start thinking about putting kids back together in terms of school and learning is, first of all, every kid in the country should have access to the internet. That should be something that should be happening right now. We should be funding every child's ability in every state in every town to have access to the internet for free because god knows we pay enough taxes. We could pay for those taxes. Then we could start talking about what we can do with kids remotely. It's not going to work if kids don't have access to remote learning. That's true. That's just my opinion.

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{"duration":"5:15","description":"After a new surge in COVID-19 cases pushed Gov. Gavin Newsom to put parts of the state back into a modified lockdown, “The View” co-hosts react and discuss if other states will follow suit.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"71777443","title":"California returns to modified shutdown","url":"/theview/video/california-returns-modified-shutdown-71777443"}