Charlotte Pence on her new book, family and more

Pence joined "The View" to discuss her father, Vice President Mike Pence, his journey to the White House and more.
7:49 | 03/20/18

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Transcript for Charlotte Pence on her new book, family and more
Vice president Mike pence's daughter Charlotte has a new book that's a true family affair. It's written by her, illustrated by her mother, Karen, it's about her father. And it's narrated by their pet rabbit. Please welcome author of "Marlin bundo's day in the life of the vice president," my friend Charlotte pence. Hi. Charlotte, thank you so much for coming on. Thanks for having me. This is so fun. So your father is the vice president of the United States. I wouldn't know anything about winning. Can you tell me what it's like having your father be vice president of the United States? Um, yeah. Honestly, for us and our family, I feel like it's hard for me to answer that. Because he's just any dad first, you know. As you know. And so I think that part of that is you know, it's always been a job he's had almost my whole life if politics. And so, really -- he's just my dad at the end of the day. Do all you kids of politicians know each other? No. That's like thinking every sent knows each other. She seems to know a lot of them. You. I know the people on my side. Mostly. My tribe. Republicans stick together. The race two years ago was -- it got pretty nasty. When your dad was asked to take the job, did you sit as family and discuss what this was going to mean for you? Yeah. Did you have major concern? We did. We talked about it a lot. I was the only kid living at home at the time. I got to see my parent gos through the thought process. And, I honestly, I had a lot of peace about it. I saw them just pray about it a lot. Just really trusting god to kind of go down this path that they felt called to. And so -- honestly, I felt really good about it. I was along for the ride the whole time. As Sean hannity knows, your father and I go way back. So what do you think is the biggest misconception about Mike pence? I mean, it's got the to be that he has -- you know, any animosity or hatred towards anyone. He has really strong views. He's a conservative. In public politics, obviously, public life. He's called to that. But he doesn't have a bad feelg towards anyone. Despite his actual strong-held belief. He's very religious, also. Definitely. Was he always? He really -- he would talk about more. He became a Christian really in college. So, I don't think he always was. I think his faith journey is really interesting. But, ever since I have known him, he has been. You know, Charlotte. You live this Los Angeles. You work for the agency that represents me. Far away from D.C. And politics. The trump administration has a love/hate relationship with the media. Do you see a bias in the way that they cover your father's administration? I live in Hollywood. I feel like honestly, I think when you meet people on a one-on-one personal level, I think some of those, the the bias or the labels kind of go away. You get to really know the people. So -- for me, working out in Hollywood, I don't encounter the bias. I mean, other people can talk about, you know, the bias of the media. But, I think that in Hollywood, at least, I have really been accepted and met awesome people and friends in my workplace and around town. Wonderful. I would love to talk about this book. It's so wonderful. And -- at the break, we were talking about our love for animals. I raise chickens. You said you would love to do that one day. This book is about your bunny. Who is named Marlon bundo. How did that name come about? Yes. He is -- so he's named after Marlon brando. That's true. I -- Yeah. Applaud that. I got him for a film project in college. I needed a bunny. I found him on Craig's list. Yep. They said, you know, I asked how much is the bunny. They said, make me an offer. It became a "God father" joke with my friends. We had to name him Marlon brando and then make a pun. He's earned the name Bo the tus. Bunny of the United States. Does he lean to the right or the left? I don't know. You would have to ask him. I think he kind of, you know, hops down the middle of the aisle. There are perks to being botu is. What are some? Lives in the naval observatory with my parents. He's gone to events. Got on the meet military families. We're going to go on a back tour to bases all around the country. Wow. And you know what, joy, you're going to be interested in this. He has his own Instagram account with over1,000 followers. More than Bernie? I think it's more than Bern Bernie. Bernie Behar is on Instagram. He has 13,000. That's pretty good. He's coming up. How long has the bunny been on Instagram? Right after the inauguration. Oh, it's a long time already. Not that I'm competitive at all. It's been fun. Where is the bunny? We can meet him. We don't want to scare him. So really light, light applause. Or just snap. One of the two. So whoopi, come on out. Aw. Aw. Don't get that excited. Can't you let him out of that thing? Whoopi. You know, this is all. I know what I'm supposed to do. I'm supposed to take him to her. You were talking backstage, I heard? We had a very good conversation. I do speak bunny. Hi, Marlon. How old is he? 5. I was asking what plans Marlon had for, you know, because his big Easter thing is happening. Oh, right. So he was just saying. Oh. Aw. He's so cute. Hi. Doing his thing. Look at him. He says he's not a fan of chocolate, though. That's probably good. They deliver it. They don't eat it. That's why. He doesn't like it. Marlon is the focus of the book. Your mom, also illustrated. The book. Tell everyone about it. Really sweet. Soft. Sorry, yeah. I got distracted. Yeah, I know. What is the book about? It's literally a day in the life of the vice president. We wanted to make it historically accurate and educational. It has a personal side to my dad because Marlon follows him around all day. He does? Not in real life. In the book. Oh in the book. In real life, there's a lot of droppings. Yes. He's not been in the oval office. Oh. See, he heard that. You making jokes about him. He just realized which one you were. He just turned on me. What's nice about the book is your mom illustrated it. The illustrations are gorgeous. And the proceeds go to human trafficking, correct? I'm donating a portion of the the proceeds to 821. An organization that fights human trafficking. And my mom is donating, too. Thank you for coming by. And thank you to Marlon bundo for coming by. Members of our audience are going home with a copy of her

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{"duration":"7:49","description":"Pence joined \"The View\" to discuss her father, Vice President Mike Pence, his journey to the White House and more.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"53881738","title":"Charlotte Pence on her new book, family and more","url":"/theview/video/charlotte-pence-book-family-53881738"}