Chicago mayor gets haircut during pandemic

“The View” co-hosts react to Mayor Lori Lightfoot's trip to the salon after she told residents to stay indoors in a PSA.
3:46 | 04/10/20

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Transcript for Chicago mayor gets haircut during pandemic
Anywho, Chicago mayor made a psa telling residents of the windy city that they better have a good reason for leaving the house. Take a look. Debbie, getting your roots done is not essential. Your dog doesn't need to see its friends. You can work on your jump shot inside. So I guess you would all imagine that a lot of people were surprised when she made a trip to the hair salon the other day, and she defended herself by saying, she needs to keep up appearances because she's the face of the city, and that she takes her personal hygiene very seriously. Okay, sunny? Do you have sympathy for her? She's taking herself very seriously. Wow. What do you think of that, sunny? Wow. You know, listen. We're all -- y'all are seeing what we're looking like. The difference between -- I know. Doing our own hair and makeup, and the difference between the wonderful Emmy award-winning hair and makeup folks at "The view." Right? You're seeing a significant difference, but this is a public health matter, and leadership comes from the top. I mean, the fact that she is doing one thing, you know, saying one thing and doing another, I just think it's very despicable, in fact. If you are the face of the city, then you need to look like everyone else is looking. Your gel nails should be grown out. Your roots and gray hair should be growing. All those things that everyone else is going through. I was just -- I was really, really surprised at this from the mayor of Chicago. Really disappointed. Joy, what do you think? Should she get a pass on this, joy? No. No, I don't think that she gets a pass. We all like to look like jooug Julia Roberts. We would all like to look like that. No thanks. The roots are coming in to the point where at some point, I'm going to look like cruella Deville. Joy? Can I ask a question -- yes. I am answering. I'm saying, you look good. You are looking good, but go ahead. You wanted to ask a question. Thank you. I was going to ask the question, how has Donald Trump been maintaining those beautiful blond locks? They just flow so delightfully across his entire head. Oh. Well, on that question -- Joy, they're sun bleached. I'm shocked that you don't know that. I was wondering how ivanka got her hair and makeup done when she went to the white house. Maybe she did it herself, but she looked really good to me, and let me tell you. As somebody who has been going gray since my early 20s. It runs in my family. My brothers are totally gray. You're about to see me looking like the witches of Eastwood. Look at this. I have ten days left until it's full gray everywhere, and there's nothing we can do. I'm too scared to use a box product at home because I burned my hair off in high school. This is the world we're living in. We're talk show hosts with a little bit of vanity because we're used to our hair and makeup people, but we're going to have to have humility here. I apologize for the fact I can't do my hair. That's why it's in a bun every day. I can't. I'm sorry. I can sort of do my makeup. I can't do my hair. I'm gray. I got it. I'm doing my best. Here's the gray thing. We are doing the best we can with what we got, and what we got is what you see, and that's

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{"duration":"3:46","description":"“The View” co-hosts react to Mayor Lori Lightfoot's trip to the salon after she told residents to stay indoors in a PSA. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"70088431","title":"Chicago mayor gets haircut during pandemic","url":"/theview/video/chicago-mayor-haircut-pandemic-70088431"}