Colton Underwood and Cassie Randolph of 'The Bachelor' on their relationship

The couple share their journey to finding love and Underwood discusses being labeled a virgin in the media.
8:28 | 03/13/19

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Transcript for Colton Underwood and Cassie Randolph of 'The Bachelor' on their relationship
We are finally at a point where we are on the same page. I can't wait to wake up next to her over and over again. All right, we're so steroid excited for this. The rules of engagement went out the window but Colton would not give up on cassie and it looks like it paid off. Please welcome former bachelor Colton Underwood and cassie Randolph. ??? We are -- I'll speak for myself because -- Aw. We are so excited to have you here and congratulations. It looks like you guys are really happy. Very. I do want to ask. It seemed likes, cassie, up until the very end you had doubts even after he sent everybody home. For people that are still wondering, when was that moment that he was your forever love? When did that happen? Um, you know, I think that really happened fortunately off camera. I think up until the end there was just so much pressure and so much going on it just got really overwhelming. So once the cameras went away and I was able to really look at my feelings and I thought they were truly real, that's when I kind of realized that, okay, this is legit. And it paid off. I got to say you took a risk because there was no one left. Right. You could be sitting here by yourself today. It had was one of those things I was trying to read where her struggles were but I firmly believed that the show in general was just a little overwhelming for her and we would be more compatible outside the cameras. It paid off. Are those tears real all the time? I'm just wondering. The tears are real. Good timing because you're on camera at the same time you feel like crying. Well, they filmed so much that there was actually a lot more tears. They pretty much film -- Cassie, your father surprised you in Portugal to talk you out of accepting a proposal from Colton, and that talk led to your breakup. So how is everyone getting along now, your father, your family and Colton? They get along great. I don't think my dad was ever really talking me out of a breakup. I think he saw my feelings and how I was feeling and he supports me and I respect his opinion but in that moment my mind was kind of already made up as to what I had to do. But, yeah. Colton, how's your relationship with her father? It's good. And that's one thing too, just because I didn't get his blessing when I asked, I honestly respected his decision. I saw where he was coming from. I rrpt him as a man and a father and I saw how much she values her family's opinions. I never took it personally. I never was offended that he didn't give it to me. I understood where he was coming from. Yesterday you guys were a hot topic and we talked about how intent Colton was to get you back and how he deep down was so convinced that you were in love with him and a lot of people felt that that was a little stalkerish. Yeah. Did that cross your mind for a moment when he -- No. -- Just showed up and was knocking on the door, or were you like, wow, this is really awesome? Honestly, I was like, wow, this is really awesome. I have never had a feeling of regret like I did when I left Colton that night. I was just sad. I was really sad and I missed him. I think there's a lot that goes into this -- into the show. That we don't see? Yeah. You guys see a small portion of it and us as human beings, while I appreciate everybody who feels like they know me, there's a lot more to us as human beings and a lot more to our relation is that you don't get to see. Is this a very long process? For me it was. She knows, this is my third show with "The bachelor" franchise and I've been so grateful. The time you're actually together on camera is small and I said backstage, I said when we saw the clips of you two after the show when the cameras were off and the mics were off, that's when it seemed like you guys were really madly in love. Doing yoga together. That's when we really got to know each other. Colton, we saw you and cassie head to the fantasy suite. You were very open about the fact that you were a virgin, which I was very suspicious of that. I know. Yeah. Are but can we now say, you know, without any hesitation that you're not a virgin anymore? No. That's actually something that we've talked about and when I went into the fantasy suite I was worried about our relationship and having those conversations but since then I've been very open and candid about my virginity and now that there's two people in it out of respect for everybody involved -- Oh, come on. Are you serious? Tell us what really happened. What is he saying, that he's still a virgin. Do you think we're going to let you get away with that? I think he's being respectful and saying it's between the two of them. I say he's a new man and has probably experienced physical changes. Whatever happened, we're all By the way, let me tell you, this one almost died yesterday when she found out you weren't following her on Twitter. For the love of god -- Me, man. You had an exchange with one of our executive producers. Who? OMAR. He's my friend. I really liked -- you guys were talking about something and I really respected whatever you were saying to him. She's like your number one I've been trying to get her into that. I've watched every season. What's the takeaway value are you going to consummate this relationship or what? I mean, we're happily -- we're dating and happy and in love. Minds want to know. I'm hanging by a thread here. That was the question. Your virginity, we introduced you, every topic, as the virgin Colton. You made that a big deal, Colton. Whoa, whoa, hold up. For the longest time she thought -- This is the issue. The issue isn't that I made that was never my identity. I never identified myself as a virgin. I'm so much more than that. Do I think it's overplayed, absolutely. They overplayed the hell out of They really did. I am much more than just that label. I hate being labeled as that. I'll openly admit it was overplayed. In 2019 once you a say you're a virgin, they're going to go berserk. To be honest, I didn't think it was going to get the play it did like that. I really hate talking about sex on television as everyone knows and I wish you guys the best in whatever choices you make. Can I also just say I waited until I was married before I lost my virginity. I don't think there should be any stigma on the choices that people make and I thought you were very strong, both of you, in talking about your life and sexuality and where you are today. Were you surprised at how big it got and do you think it got that big because you're a man? Right, that's right. I actually think it got that big because I'm a man and what my past career was. Football. Football. I think that stigma of being what we're supposed to be as athletes and we're supposed to build up these exteriors and be tough and be manly and that was a stigma and a stereotype associated with athletes is you're not a virgin, you're anything but a virgin. For me I know that was something I struggled with during my career. We're excited for anything that happens. Congratulations. Our thanks to Colton and cassie.

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{"duration":"8:28","description":"The couple share their journey to finding love and Underwood discusses being labeled a virgin in the media.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"61658953","title":"Colton Underwood and Cassie Randolph of 'The Bachelor' on their relationship ","url":"/theview/video/colton-underwood-cassie-randolph-bachelor-relationship-61658953"}