Government reopens for three weeks after shutdown

"The View" co-hosts discuss the shutdown's aftermath while lawmakers continue to negotiate border security funding.
6:04 | 01/28/19

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Transcript for Government reopens for three weeks after shutdown
So, as of Friday -- as of Friday the government is back open for business. You-know-who has been taking heat from conservatives who say he caved to Democrats, but he's insisting he's going to get his funding whether he has to shut it down again in three weeks or declare a national emergency. So -- Why is it an emergency in three weeks? It wasn't an emergency on Friday. Now it's going to be an emergency in three weeks? That's what he says. Remember, he said it was going to be an emergency. He was going to use that and maybe he's going to use that again and maybe -- so what do you think? I think what is so sad though is these federal workers have been the pawns the whole time. They didn't have to go through all of that pain. They could have solved this problem weeks ago. We didn't have to be here right now. I talked to folks in the white house this weekend and they doubled down on that. They say that the president is not caving, that he's giving congress one last chance to get their butt in gear and if they don't, then yes, there could be a national emergency. My within issue with this and I was telling Meghan over the weekend too, I think the president has solidified himself as a one issue president which is really a problem when that one issue you may not even get done. He's already got that battle and folks on the right are saying you might be challenged if you can't give us what you promised us, what we want in the end. He's in a real difficult place right now. He's going to be a one-term president. That's what we're hoping. Forget about the one issue. I think the problem is and has been he has made this campaign promise, this wall, and he's manufactured this crises and there doesn't appear to be a strategy. It's the same thing that I've been saying all along. We now know that the -- he cost the economy $6 billion which is now more than the cost of the strategy going into the shutdown? Obviously it wasn't well thought out. I know now that it's been reported that he's blaming Jared Kushner for not being able to figure out that deal, so now where are we in three weeks? What is his strategy? Is he going to cost the economy another $6 billion? Didn't he just turn on fox News also? He has no friends anymore. I don't know. What you're saying is -- always look at the politics of the situation and first and foremost has somehow been able to alienate his base as you were saying and anger moderates at the same time. When you have people like -- Bill Maher I watch all week, they're saying that George W. Bush -- I think she said was more of a wimp presitrump. When you have people like Cory Gardner and other Republicans peeling off because the shutdown was getting so bad, it actually isn't as strong as you think. I am the first person to concede -- and I yesterday. I totally underestimated Nancy Pelosi. I was one of these people that said the democratic leadership is going to need someone like congressman Ted Ryan, more middle of the country, someone who understands the rust belt. I was wrong. She seems to be the person who can go toe-to-toe with him. One final thing -- She knows how to deal with toddlers because she has a L of kids. One final thing just really quick. You are on fire, joy. It's true. Let me get one more point and then we can have our jokes. Shutdowns are unpopular, unpopular, unpopular. Her numbers have actually taken a hit. Her unfavorability is 28% -- I'm sorry, 47%. 28% from a "Wall Street jourl" poll last week in response to the shutdown. So to your point, Abby, this is a bad look for politicians across the board. She won this battle. What happens with the war is still the question mark. The only thing that I will say T I noticed over the weekend is that the GOP tweeted out and said -- Am I talking too fast by the way? I apologize. I feel like I'm always -- I'm sorry. You're on 78, I'm on 33. Sorry. Sometimes I think I speak too slowly. Bullet I think the GOP tweeted out and said that they are now for 2020, and I was very surprised at that because, one, there hasn't been a primary and so I felt that it was discouraging challengers on the right and I thought, wow, after this shutdown I thought that I would see more of a break away from president trump, but instead I thought that I saw Republicans sort of coming together. That's not totally uncommon for an incumbent. The question that I would ask to both of you is where do Republicans that are frustrated, whether you're moderate or Ann Coulter, where do you go? Just on this issue because this made a little news over the weekend, I said that I consider myself a conservative first and foremost before being a Republican which by the way people like Ted Cruz say all the time. Then I also said I'm still in the party and I vote Republican on the ticket but trump gets nothing from me. That's somehow been interpreted that I have led this mass exodus out of the Republican party. It's not true at all. I'm still a Republican but not voting for trump doesn't mean you're not a conservative. Reminder, Mitt Romney's niece I believe 100% took the trump train all the way along so it is a way to discourage diversity within the party. That being said, anyone who's trying to primary trump is a pipe dream and it's never going to happen. I think John Kasich could run as an independent or moderate. Abby! That's insane! I'm not saying he's going to win. I love you but that's crazy. I didn't say he's going to win. No -- John Kasich sat at this table -- Look at joy, look at joy. John Kasich did not sit right here and said he was considering running again? John Kasich is not a conservative. John Kasich is in it for himself. I'm saying he can run as a Republican moderate. Ma'am, are you a conservative?

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{"duration":"6:04","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts discuss the shutdown's aftermath while lawmakers continue to negotiate border security funding.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"60682112","title":"Government reopens for three weeks after shutdown","url":"/theview/video/government-reopens-weeks-shutdown-60682112"}