Jennifer Lopez celebrates being 50 and the journey to being ‘whole’ by herself

J. Lo talks about what she’s learned since starting out in Hollywood 25 years ago and shares the marriage advice Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg gave her.
4:30 | 09/12/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Jennifer Lopez celebrates being 50 and the journey to being ‘whole’ by herself
He was dancing throughout the entire concert BSE and you love you know how all the word he loved to show the kids and an air we all went on its laurels some merit it was really nice is it was a good thing you know I didn't like. Why don't you think putting it out there your agent or else like. Well why not at you as well. Okay. I I am forever and ever had any more I tried yeah yeah CJ. The tables on his name in anyway you know in my lab does say because somebody else is going blessed in so you Laszlo they yeah yeah I noticed something when we were on school or is that. Eat it it did something I did I did it could I thought I'd be a fun way to celebrate. Such a big birthday what it want them doing something else that didn't get put it out there for everybody that's like this is not being night. To be ashamed of late women don't get where an off at a certain time were you know keep getting better like it did those things are. Are happening you know I just the choice should it decide that I wanna get better every day. Well you know what a ride just south fought in case you're not if you're going to hide the fact that you let's listen. A lot of people didn't get to assisting them right louder and what did it make its us celebrate the I have not and I've sat in Alex is it that when you did you first movie Selena you 25 years old I was. And now this is 25 years lay that's right well you know. Good do you yeah I so it sort of so what do you think happened electronic obvious what's that you have won ten that you really learn why. Well what the best the most important that I learned just act. It's probably been the journey of like become mean. Kohl on my own bank I always thought I was gonna find happiness and love how. Another person could give that to me. And the and then I realized that that's not how it is at all. Thank you actually get to be happy all by yourself you know if you can just kind of appreciate yourself and know your worth and your value. That. You know he did you can be happy person and is always thinking about somebody else or light. Did he called Laura you know did this person think I was good in that audition and I eat any of those things like it just let it. I'm happy but great lie Obama. I'm a good person I live in a good way in you know what I am grieved friends and I can call somebody angle you're into any the united meaning those simple I'm healthy. You know how beautiful it still hanging on those things really. The most important thing you're also one of your idols is also a woman his incredible at any age which is justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. And yeah okay. And I understand you asked her to really important questions in the first one was what can we do to stop being so divided. I've easily with a college which is sad I mean she you know Latin Alex and I went to Seattle out I saw her documented that the weekend Alex and I got engaged me just we're like they and that watching TV. And we watch a document Hannah began as a senior but it's a really good. And it talks about her life and her journey in all the things that she's done for this country and all the laws that she's been involved in passing for women but minorities but. She's had been a real Abby kitten and she also had this amazing marriage. She was married with tax attorney in Marty I want my outer promoting her eyes. I really really had an impact on me and Alex so when I was on tour we went to watching ten. And I was at this meet Alex is like we should try to meet Harry he's so about that and so he he arranged did and we went all in there and she was lovely was tells us it would her fifteen minutes he wound up being like an hour hated like this is a big deal she Monday night you look at how I cook kind of I. So we where there are no they didn't wanna stay too long you know could she's. Older and I don't want it you know get her way of all the things yet to do and and I just sets error you know we watched a documentary and you know you had this amazing marriage Alex and I are gonna get married you know soon. What would be O one visa. Then lights come on Davidson need I'm happy I'm been working on this terminating you know and I think you all know that I'm humbled tell me. And she is like in I think it helps Eagles in my mother and log on my wedding day says to me. Sometimes it helps to be a little death.

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{"duration":"4:30","description":"J. Lo talks about what she’s learned since starting out in Hollywood 25 years ago and shares the marriage advice Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg gave her.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"65567559","title":"Jennifer Lopez celebrates being 50 and the journey to being ‘whole’ by herself","url":"/theview/video/jennifer-lopez-celebrates-50-journey-65567559"}