J.Lo and A-Rod announce split

"The View" co-hosts ask if exes can remain friends after Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez announced they'll stay friends despite breaking off their engagement.
4:53 | 04/16/21

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Transcript for J.Lo and A-Rod announce split
Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez have officially announced the end of their two-year engagement. I'm shocked, shocked I tell you. Less shocking are reports that Lopez has yet to return that Boulder of an engagement ring. She says they work better as friends. Maybe. Do you think they'll be going to yard sales together, sunny? Should she give the ring back? I would keep it frankly. Two tenths of the law is possession. What do you say? That was some ring, I'll tell you know, I was kind of saddened when I heard the news because I've seen them together and they just made such a lovely couple. I know you ladies remember when Alex was guest co-hosting. He was just such a gentleman in the hot topics room and he was opening up doors for people and handing folks tea and coffee. He was just really lovely. I was sad to see this happen. In terms of the ring, legally she may have to give back the ring because it really depends on the state. Most judges, most courts, consider the ring a gift and so generally -- sometimes you can keep the ring, but it's on the promise of being married. If the marriage doesn't occur, you're supposed to give the ring back. Since the marriage didn't occur and it wasn't a family heirloom, I think she'll have to bring it when she was engaged to Ben Affleck, she did give it back. Jennifer has her own stuff. I mean she is -- She used to have a little, now she has a lot. Right. So she can buy herself plenty of I suspect she'll give it back. Probably. She doesn't need it. That's true. Staying friends with your exes, I'll go to Meghan. Have you stayed friends by your exes? Nope. Nope. If you've seen me naked, we know longer have any need to know each other. I had an ex message me when I found out I was pregnant saying we should catch up. I was saying we should catch up. Turn on ABC at 11:00 A.M. And we can catch up. Thanks, no. Oh, you're strict. There's no point. I don't remember half of them. There's not that many. There were only a few with me because I was always married. It's pathetic. Sara, let me ask you this question, is it easier to stay friends with them or is it easier said than done? To me when I see people are going to be friends and it's a celebrity break up and it's like there's nothing to see here, there's something to see here. I tend to do that -- when sunny was talking about the legal obligations about the ring, if this turns into a legal conversation this friendship is not going to work. The one wanting to be friends is usually the one not over it. Move right along. Yeah. Uh-huh. It's nice if you can. Ana, A-Rod and j.lo are involved in a lot of business enterprises. Have you had experience with I don't know if you have. You think? Yeah, listen, break ups are hard. They're hard emotionally. I'm sad because I was hoping for a j.lo wedding. She knows how to throw a wonderful beautiful wedding and the families have become integrated. They have kids about the same age. The problem is they've not invested in a lot of businesses together. They just bought a house here in Miami in one of the islands on Miami beach. It's a multi-million dollar house. Things get intense when there's money involved and kids involved. To tell you the truth, I think he really is the big loser here. He had become a goiter on her neck. You couldn't see an ad with j.lo where Alex wasn't. If she was at the super bowl, there he is. If she was at the grammys, there he was. The inauguration. It was like her twin. What are you saying? He got a lot of her spotlight. He liked that. He should have been really good to her. If anyone follows reality television which I'm a connoisseur, there's some scandal that follow him. I'm not a fan of A-Rod anymore. He's a jerk. I'll just leave that there. Throwing shade, Ms. Meghan McCain.

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{"duration":"4:53","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts ask if exes can remain friends after Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez announced they'll stay friends despite breaking off their engagement.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"77120415","title":"J.Lo and A-Rod announce split","url":"/theview/video/jlo-rod-announce-split-77120415"}