Jon Stewart shames Congress over 9/11 funds

"The View" co-hosts voice their support for the comedian's emotional appeal to make a victim compensation fund permanent.
5:48 | 06/12/19

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Transcript for Jon Stewart shames Congress over 9/11 funds
9/11 victims compensation fund which provides financial land for. Aid for first responders whose the world conference left them with life threatening health issues is running out of money. And narrowed cutting funds probably up to bat Sammy percent. So former. And daily show host Jon stood made his emotional plea to congress yesterday it took a look. Behind me. A filled room. Of 9/11 first responders. And in front of me. A nearly empty congress responded. In five seconds. They did their jobs. Courage grace. Tenacity. Humility. Eighteen years later. Two doors. When they're talking about this form quite some time. And why is it bank in. Bond together to get lots of stuff. Kinda done with no one can bond together to get this done make this funds. Until we don't have anybody else too soon to say what to help. One is so I don't understand what the problem is bad news is right eighteen years long time he knew this was comment. He's had something that I think might. Explain maybe he said you know people saying this is a New York story. Says not in New York story as he this is a quote from Jon Stewart he said. When Mays attacked us on 9/11 days they say death to America they didn't say death to TriBeCa which is kind of a funny line yeah. And congress but doesn't care about New York as much as you know they. Making it into a New York story but Bobby's sale live in Wyoming July care. I think Wyoming scared about what she is seen as not not about this not a bottle would say that all the time wooed pitches story about let's say. The bikes that would add a drive her crazy she would say I live in Wyoming July care about the bikes in New York. And it's a similar thing I'm trying to say here that they don't maybe they just don't came about because New York I'm. I don't know. But that's Texas are staggering it says that. The victim's son is set to run out of money and it's announced in February that it would cut future payouts and half. For some cases as much as 70% of the people that on store Pratt have cancer and other ailments that have only got worse there's a manic glee that I had. Chemo over sixty time that his and the first responders on 9/11 at least they should be. Taking care of I would say like any first responders but extra because it's one of the most terrific terror attack it ever happened and a street also say I grew up watching does direct every night I. We're I think that most problem people in their thirties he grew up watching politics watch The Daily Show every night after high school at ten and fourteen up at your college. I trust that in a way that I don't any other late night host and I commend him for his commitment to vest and brings emotion because it's valid. And when he's saying something like this we as Americans should listen and it is sad that it takes an entertainer. And by the way Eric Small while was one of the people on the subcommittee members who didn't attacked because he's off running for president I understand not they do think we are talking about 9/11 first responders. More people should be showing up. That was more about finding his. And the thing is it in 20/20 the BCF is going to be forced to close its doors and not accept any new claims if it's not funded. And so you know this fun should be funding it claimants through. Their life time to act so really Anthony Principi Salerno Italy. The profits of 29 and he Stanley notion like that you know that would you think is under thank you. This isn't we only I think everybody Democrat independent. Conservative every I think every American and once you agree on this you know women talk let that little talk and the other day about that guy who just didn't run into the school remember I don't look at how he's getting 96 years in prison possibly idea was he would dereliction of duty through this is the opposite of that's right this is these are guys who did not do that dereliction of duty they may have detonated in there and they paid the ultimate. That some of the claims may not even be coming yet because sometimes it takes years into the long answers to answers you appear to occur here. Yeah so they're claims that may not even be. Claimed yeah yeah. For lack so I just don't just they. Bit yeah I do think that. If the government is going to fail us once again there is awaits use celebrity and money that he's had with people like Stephen and billionaires I think. Good faith would be if one of these billionaires in Japanese those who Matt are. Well says you can help out with as we don't have to just glad the government as a news analogy. And we shouldn't let this should be a better job Asian black Imus should absolutely do a better job because there's no reason. Because it it wasn't just New York now has Washington. And it was Pennsylvania yeah no parent I'm from yeah. Dollar price tag. Seven billion dollars to fund this how much is the wolf the warrant promises to walk. Really embarrass think well it is a little really and that this is really a Barack and it is not the same thing but I was watching Chernobyl on HBO they did not take care of the people and liars and people to help them. I don't wanna be like we have to take care of the people who have stayed up during our worsening Wright says yeah and I this should be if propagate got brawl an agreement on yeah out and.

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{"duration":"5:48","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts voice their support for the comedian's emotional appeal to make a victim compensation fund permanent.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"63665008","title":"Jon Stewart shames Congress over 9/11 funds","url":"/theview/video/jon-stewart-shames-congress-911-funds-63665008"}