Kamala grills Kavanaugh: No laws governing men's bodies?

"The View" co-hosts weigh in on Harris' questioning on abortion rights at hearing for Judge Brett Kavanaugh.
5:53 | 09/07/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Kamala grills Kavanaugh: No laws governing men's bodies?
pr contations at the con H O supreme courtominee Brett Kavanaugh. One of the andout moments C from senator ckama Harris that put abortion rights in perspective. Ke a lo Can you decisions that aff the male body? Happy to answer specific questions. Malfemale. Thae govnm the power to make the decisn man's body? About medical procedures unique to I'll repeat the you K of any laws overnment power to makeabout the body? I'm N tissue I -- think P than, sir? Is that a no,ou can't think of anng?does itot St fig real what thisonversatio is about, particularly W itcomes to upholdi ING roes wade. There's vasect a of people don't have rules aboutth control. A man can snip his wiener and nobodys. It was an awkward E queen wasobroad. This BETR than, sunny.ery case he will so specific. Not a question lik that he's faced with.everything that I've read about M, it doesn't sound likee're going to be overrning roe versus He's beenut in that tion. That's exactly the reason he's ere. You T they're going to overturn roe versu wade? Absolutely. It's poss T that. There areeveral INGs, actually, that he has said. He O led birth cool ortion-inducingdrugs. He said -- Halled burstontrol abortion-inducing drugs. That W the plan B pillreading wht says. In his dissent O ase O a heat being forced to provide health for contraceptes.aid they would bece complicit to abortion-induing drugs. Is is what he said. This E is of th reasons he was by present trump.he was nominated bsee's playing to the right wg and the evangelicals. Ortion is their number one issue. I also thin um, that question he was a was extremely specific. Let'sforget, kamharris was a very goodosecutor. I inkthat's hat you W. U saw him being cross exed. Was extreme E vase she asd him specifically, did you H anyonversatio W any in the law M case L firm? He was -- never answered. And -- and then bas said he recall. Which means he probable -- Wasn't that long ago. Exactly. But it gave him some L out. Why that is so impot,e did speak to anyone, he has to Cuse himself any case involving the Mueller investigation. Ey reason he's ting in that S is because he's given the opini T a S should note sued civilly and not E wasn't oth list. That's the onlyreason.only son. I thinkissue,his president, is bigger thaissue. 'S self. Al is also longing -- I hope she does. As former president barac Obama alwayssaid, elections haveconsequences. Donald Trump won election that means he gets toick - We know why he's there. If elections have consequence. Th Barack Obama won the second term he W N allowed put merrickarland there. Why I this different fro Whahey did with Merrick Garland is awful.I'm not -- it W also political. The way repub handled meick Garland. Donald Trump is president. Th is his man. Ll counts, he's very a titutionalist. The people thated for Donald pick. Trumps a constitutionalist? No brenaugh. From everything I heard about comes acss as a good man. Meone is a patriot F the institution You know that the has T $H 1illion in ads pro-kavanaugh. He's very pro gun. Let's think about this. Why I- the sitting presidt, who has been named as anunindied co-conspirator by michaecohen whos urnds inhy sho he be allowed to put forth a supreme court nominee. I'll tell youwhy. Been indicted, they could do tt to body. He jt looks rally guilty to us. Oes it seem just? Does it seem just? That proceoesn't fee just . 'M not saying. That's jus the answer Dershowitz is giving. It's the same thing. Kamala haisnking about running president.

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{"duration":"5:53","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts weigh in on Harris' questioning on abortion rights at hearing for Judge Brett Kavanaugh.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"57682026","title":"Kamala grills Kavanaugh: No laws governing men's bodies?","url":"/theview/video/kamala-grills-kavanaugh-laws-governing-mens-bodies-57682026"}