Kellyanne Conway lashes out after being asked about husband's tweets

"The View" co-hosts discuss whether asking about George Conway's tweets was off limits.
3:46 | 04/23/18

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Transcript for Kellyanne Conway lashes out after being asked about husband's tweets
note, white house kellyanne Conway got into it with Dana bash ked Conway about husband's itical twes of her boss the ite house. Take a look. It's fascinating to me that would go there but it's very good for the whole world to have witnessedhat it'sot -- excuse me,e it's game what people's how people's spouses and significant others mayiffer wit them. M reallyprised but in some ways and gratified to see that that First of all, I W Noyou wouldn't. My point is that we don't ofn see -- in fact, I don't rememberhe last we saw somebody working for the prent in high profile position when their saying critil things about them. So, was this a fair question to ask I think the face husband's tweeting,ha publ forum, so I think when en you are putting yourself out th media in a account, then you are fr . He's not new to am I wrong in saying he was a lobbyist? I do believe a bbyist. He's kind of in the G too. -- To be solic general. He's a power player in D.C. Helso rresented a lot of the nil Clinton. He represented Paula Jones against Bill Clinton. Sohen you ha someone like that with a political backgrouegaln Twitter, I thk it's perfectly fair game. Daabash I worked with she is lovely. She isnest. She's a great journalist a the fact somehow it was a go question think is reallylly slimy on kellnne part. And Kelly Conway -- I E lost no opportunio? To talk and discredit theclns, Hillary and bnd his peccadillos from way she was right there with on it's really rich to hear H defeive she was. I think we need decide are women accountabor our ans. No, N It came in the elec a T with Hillary Clinton. I'm married T Aho's in politics and runs pit weite and even before we got rried where I was like, ourlives, we are always going havebe sort of asking questions about each other's political beliefs D what Wil that mean for our life gforward. I always say on this show and privately don speak for each other at allnd ink it's fair to giver that cr edence. S a very high level person. Responsible for her husband's actions. Dana bash wdw married a journalist at es sheant to be responsible for what he'seeting. Think this is very different bee, T joy's point, S was -- kellyanne was fi doing it tillary Clinton, but therence between F me, is if your husband clearlyestoy casadon un hombre que tweetg out at a position that he ts with pple wrelico Y hasta not that great he himself into your gig. He's writing specifically about yourjo if your husband were to tet specifically about your gig, en it becomes fr game for people ask. Go aheaiens Nish. O ahead. One more thin N sense humor. All hasoreden say is I tried to tie him it would he been so much easier. That is a muc response It WOU have been much better response but when you have a byline that requires that you diminish the press, that's ho you hav respond T it. You have to respo with no humor, no, like, oh, you kno , you're absolutely --I'm going to slap P of him we'lbe right back. WHA up.

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{"duration":"3:46","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts discuss whether asking about George Conway's tweets was off limits.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"54668089","title":"Kellyanne Conway lashes out after being asked about husband's tweets","url":"/theview/video/kellyanne-conway-lashes-asked-husbands-tweets-54668089"}