Kim Klacik says Trump has shown ‘the opposite of racism’

The Republican nominee in Maryland’s 7th District discusses running for the late Elijah Cummings’ congressional seat.
6:39 | 09/18/20

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Transcript for Kim Klacik says Trump has shown ‘the opposite of racism’
Businesswoman. Karen clay sake Maine a name for himself before she was invited to speak on opening night of the Republican National Convention. She's running for the late Elijah Cummings congressional seat and her campaign ad she claims she has a lot of work to go watch. I think they think this is Baltimore. The real ball to point this is a reality for black people every single day. Crumbling infrastructure and the Indian home poverty and crime the worst face for a black person to live in America that it be Democrat controlled state. It's forty toy. Mean whose city where black people live have gotten had a track. I'll wait I can play fake and I'm running for congress you can actually hear about flat flat all black flags that our communities not. Baltimore and that it. And black people who don't have to vote Democrat. Please welcome. Kim clay sank. Maybe you have the first question for you can't. Can't I'm so happy to see you here I was actually the person that wanted you to come mine and I sire campaign I had. It's been viewed over twelve million times and even caught the eye of president tramp who re tweeted it. And later endorsed GO you're getting a lot of traction a lot of buzz rising star what is about your candidacy that you think is making so many waves and getting so much attention. What I think a lot of people can resonate with the fact that M just basically telling the truth. You know we have issues and many major cities across the country and Baltimore city we have over 171000 vacant homes we don't have career opportunities. We have a poor education system and we have a lot of crime and the islands that you can actually relate. Back to the blight so we had issues that we need to fix I I look at members of congress. And I watched them take a vacation while everyone was dealing with the pandemic and loss of businesses you know being laid off. And they take a vacation so getting at second and allowed that second stimulus building just sit on their desks. Linda run for congress in and basically give people a chance to have real representation. Kim you've a big tagged to turn because Baltimore is a city where Democrats have been charged for 53 years and as recently as April. He lost the special election to fill Elijah Cummings C. Which he held for 24 years so why should people vote for you give us your best sales pitch white you why now. Polite and do it a point out you know the C did not belong to congressman Cummings at belongs in the residents of a Maryland district seven but I want to represent people in an all parts of the district you know when the video came out divorcing Larry picking the bad parts of the district you know. It's not. Picking the bad part is he not under represent this district that under represent everyone equally. Obviously there are disparities. We know that president trump sent fifteen point seven billion dollars to Baltimore city and 2018. And and we don't know where that money has goal line. You know 171000 vacant homes if you even rehab those at once it be a populate a rehab over a 104000. Homes already. So that money is miss saying and we need somebody in acting not only find it but implemented to where is supposed to go well and I wouldn't get up person. Well I lived in vault. More city and I know that's a city that you've never lived in even though you're you're running to represent. The district and in Maryland. But us Aaron mentioned Elijah Cummings. What do you think is his greatest accomplishments. And how would you built on his legacy. Well at the working in Baltimore city casino for the past eight years of my nonprofit. Giving women employed with employed over 200 women 30% not to be financially independent and I have a lot of love for Baltimore city -- continue that work. But as far as congressman Cummings a priest or he did. A lot for the stadium and for the residents but for the past twenty years BC and interrogate. Yunel and so I know he was very sick there in the end. In outlook we gotta get somebody in there that is just ready to roll their sleeves and get the work done. So I would never speak badly about congressman Cummings you can see on the Internet I have pictures with them. But at the same time it LB got to get the work done. You know Kim you mentioned just a minute ago that we're in the money go. My understanding is that the Democrats passed a second stimulus bill but Republicans blocked it how do you answer that. The Dave block or they want a certain amount of money and and things going towards. You know basically the people in America you know there was a lot of other issues written in the stimulus bill in and really the Senate's bill should be those that were affected by the corona virus pandemic. Well. Well yes but they've won the belt. Well we want it. Get with the program and realizing your party of the people needing the money right now and get off their high horse as saying not so yes my question. Added ABC towel this week a black pastor there. Confronted trop about his campaign slogan make America great again asking him when has America ever been grade for the black community in America. How would you answer that question. Yes this is the greatest country in the world that's why we have so many people come into this country we have immigrants you know entering the country illegally just to get here because it's a land of opportunity you know we had the education. There are career opportunities in other areas maybe just not Baltimore city but this is a great country it has been for a very long time. What I want to benefit such a great country has been approved such a long time why we need to make it great again. I agree with you it's a great country and it's already gray it doesn't need to be made great again. I have a question for you I'm wondering if either from before his time as precedent. Or are now past present whether it was the calling of the death penalty for the Central Park five now the exonerated five. Or the lawsuit by Hud I guess to Trump Organization in the seventies for housing discrimination. Where the many things he has said and done as president is there anything that you take issue with her that you define racist in what trump has done in his life. Before or after the presidency. Now I don't know I find that president trump has shown nothing but you know did the opposite of racism you know at each year age BC news had to go to congress to ask for money you know who made that permit they don't have to ask each year Allah be president trump it we'll tackle prison prisoner forming criminal does this the first step back LB president trump. You know it was investing 75 billion dollars and opportunities owns in cities that we're neglected by Democrats that would be president trump. So I would say in no Sonny said this before I went out the Indio case it pretends was on the shelf you know let's look at policy over personality. Men and from what I can tell the president and a great job especially for the black community.

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{"duration":"6:39","description":"The Republican nominee in Maryland’s 7th District discusses running for the late Elijah Cummings’ congressional seat.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"73099898","title":"Kim Klacik says Trump has shown ‘the opposite of racism’","url":"/theview/video/kim-klacik-trump-shown-opposite-racism-73099898"}