Republicans speak out against Trump's attacks on progressive Democrat congresswomen

Following pressure to rebuke the president's comments against the freshmen congresswomen known as "the squad," the co-hosts of "The View" discuss the state of both parties.
3:30 | 07/16/19

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Transcript for Republicans speak out against Trump's attacks on progressive Democrat congresswomen
My point was that, you know, if you look at -- a study by media matters found that AOC, Alexandria ocasio-cortez, was mentioned 3,181 times on fox during a six-week period. Then in January of this year, media matters also calculated that the primetime fox shows mentioned her over four times more than senate majority leader Mitch Mcconnell. Okay. So my point is that it's striking. The Netflix documentary -- I'm sorry, it's all over everything all the time, not just fox. But my point is they definitely want to make her the face of the party because they want everyone to feel that the democratic party is this far left party, but I don't believe that's true. The other thing I just wanted to say is ilhan OMAR was not sen toured herself. There was a wide ranging KREN tour about anti-semitism and she has apologized for it. She was the catalyst. She was the catalyst but she has apologized for it and you can be critical of Israel's policies without being anti-semitic. She also said incendiary things about 9/11. The list goes on. But she was the catalyst. She has apologized, and you know what, again, it is still this country and we are still allowed to step in the do-do because we do it, everybody does it at some point. By the way, she is -- Level for -- She became an American citizen in the year 2000. Melania trump was not an American citizen until 2004. I don't hear anybody saying send her back to Slovenia. Before we turn this into what it's turning into, I vociferously came out against this yesterday on the show. I said Republicans -- by the way, Tim Scott had I think the best comment of anyone. He said instead of sharing how the democratic party's far left pro social list policies not to mention the hateful language towards their members against law enforcement and Jews, the president interjected with racially offensive language. Aiming for the lowest common denominator will only divide our nation further. I want to point out, you can't do something you wouldn't do. Not you. You know, because you talked about grabbing folks And never apologized for that. No. You said a lot of stuff that you've never apologized for, so asking him to apologize for -- that's what I'm saying. Don't expect other people to do what you will not because this is not a paternal country. This is a country, this is a democratic country where people can do what they need to do. I just want to get -- Can I make one more point? Sure. Okay. I love how he goes, you know, that they hate America and that it's so bad, go back where you came from. They came from here where you are the guy in charge. But his whole campaign was based on make America great again meaning it's not that he's accusing people of something that his entire campaign was based on which is that this is not a great country. Am I right?

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{"duration":"3:30","description":"Following pressure to rebuke the president's comments against the freshmen congresswomen known as \"the squad,\" the co-hosts of \"The View\" discuss the state of both parties.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"64375195","title":"Republicans speak out against Trump's attacks on progressive Democrat congresswomen","url":"/theview/video/republicans-speak-trumps-attacks-progressive-democrat-congresswomen-64375195"}