Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand talks allegations against Steve Wynn, calling for Al Franken to step down

Sen. Gillibrand joined "The View" to discuss how she's combatting sexual misconduct in Washington D.C.
9:19 | 01/29/18

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Transcript for Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand talks allegations against Steve Wynn, calling for Al Franken to step down
Democratic senator Kirsten Gillibrand isn't just a potential president front-runner to run against trump in 2020, so says a lot of people. So say a lot of people. She's also leading the charge to take on sexual misconduct in D.C. Sounds like she's got her work cut out for her. Please welcome senator Kirsten gillibrandnd. Thank you. Senator, here's the other big topic we didn't get to this morning. And that is that there are new sexual assault allegations against Steve Wynn who is the financial chair in the Republican party. He gives a lot of money to the Republican party. Millions I'm assuming and now -- he denies them of course. They they he didn't do it. Since the Democrats had to give money back to Weinstein or they gave it to charity. Gave it away. Do you think the Republicans should give that money back? They should. Will they? I don't know. There are multiple allegations of assault and harassment against him. And the near silence is deafening coming from the Republicans. I really believe this should no bibe about any one party. It's not okay, it's not acceptable. We need accountability and Republicans should so more leadership than they are today and need to speak out and send the money back and hold their own accountable. Well, he's resigning isn't he? Yes. But again, the outcry and the other allegations of Weinstein, et cetera, every ended coming from a political place. I don't think these issues should be political. So the silence is deafening. He's not even a politician. He's a showbiz guy, but still. Next question. Because I got a bone to pick with you. She does. Because I know that you have the charge to get Al Franken to resign from the senate. I thought that was unfair to make him an example when the president of United States, so many allegations of sexual harassment against him and I don't see him going anywhere. And when youisten to some of these Republican pundits talk about it it's like well, it's just an allegation. I believe it was Jerry Falwell Jr. Who was saying with trump it's an allegation. He says he didn't do it so he's forgiven and Al Franken admitted it and got booted out. Trump has over a dozen allegations of sexual assault and sexual harassment. He should be held accountable. The patriots onoad to the super bowl, about to take to the sky. A live look from the airport in Rhode Island, boarding the plane right now after getting off the six buses that we saw them getting onto a short time ago at Gillette. Not long ago that we were talking about the big patriots sendoff rally at Gillette stadium. Right now, just about 1.5 hours later, after key players took the stage, they are getting on the airplane, aircraft 1, and it they will be making their way tominnesota. Of course, a lot of action in Minnesota, starting as early as tonight. We expect to hear from players again, the Philadelphia eagles already there and ready for super bowl 52. You can see the tail of the airplane, the five Lombardi trophies, going for 6. The blitz for six. They will have to redo the tale of the plane. I do not think Mr. Kraft will mind. Is there a backside? Maybe Phil of both sides. There you have it. Patriots a members come all boarding the airplane as they head off to Minnesota. We will continue to follow their travels as they make their way on the road to the super bowl. We have a team in Minnesota already -- Ed, Doug, they are all covering every angle of the story for you. Of course, this comes after a huge rally at patriots place this morning. We have all the highlights. As they continue to board. Much more coming up in a few minutes on the news at noon. Gree with you. I think trump will never admit it. He's getting away with it and the Republicans are giving him a pass. Our job is to speak out to say no to president trump. To say it's not okay. We want accountability and transparency and congress, specifically Republican leaders to hold the hearings and have that transparency we don't have today. I just want to move on because there's some inconvenient truths on both side. Reportedly Hillary Clinton is under fire for covering up for a top adds adviser accused of a sexual harassment backs in 2007. Allowed him to stay on and they claim this harassment continued. They consider her a mentor. Do you think her response this weekend was appropriate? As you know, I think these things have to be dealt with whether you're a Democrat or Republican. You need transparency and accountability and no one is above criticism. In that case, I don't know all the details. I don't know if the punishment she chose was right but what it brings us to talk about is this issue of workplace harassment. The fact that too many women in the workplace across all sectors. Across all industries are being harassed today and there is no accountability and we have had this me too movement and moment so powerful because it's given space for women to speak out and tell your story. But the real test is when we can make sure that a woman who cannot come forward because her boss isn't famous or powerful industry leader and she just works in an office or on a farm or in a hotel or at a restaurant, she needs to be able to come forward and speak truth to power as well. Senator, you have dedicated your career to this fight obviously. That's why people are surprised that it took you 20 years to say that Bill Clinton should have resigned over the Lewinsky scandal. What do you say to that? I think this time is different. I don't think we had the same conversation back then. The same lens. We have didn't hold people accountability in this same way this moment is demanding today. I think all or many of us did not have that same lens, myself included. But today we are having a very different conversation. And there is a moment in time where we can actually do the right thing or fixate on one president. Do you regret campaigning with him though? It's not about any one president or any one industry. If we reduce it to that, we are missing the opportunity to allow women to be heard, to allow women to have accountability and transparency and to allow women to have justice. Let me ask you this. You know, I -- first of all, I so agree with you and commend you for saying it should not be about right and left but right and wrong. A lot of us think that you've been verbally harassed and cyberbullied. It seems like it was 100 years ago because so many things have happened in the last 100 days. It was only last month president trump tweeted about you Kirsten Gillibrand a total flunkee for chuck Schumer and someone begging for campaign contributions and would do anything for them is now in the ring fighting against trump. Very disloyal to bill and crooked. When you first heard about that, what went through your mind? Well, I was in bible study with a few of my colleagues and my staff was very anxiously calling me to pick up the phone and they read me the tweet and I thought can we deal with this later? They said, no, no, we need to deal with this now and I said fine. I decided what I wanted to say and it's just a sexist smear. His intention was entirely to silence me, to bully me, to silence the women who had come forward the day before to talk about what he did to them, their allegations of sexual harassment and sexual assault and silence the millions of women literally marching across the globe to talk about how they disagree with him. They do not support his policies, they do not support what he's done whether it's the attacks on the judiciary, walking away from global climate change. The global climate accords. Whether it's bragging about the size of his nuclear button with North Korea. Women disagree with this president. Innuendo you thought? Of course there was. This is common. That is what you do when you want to silence a woman, reduce her in some way. And every part of that tweet had a different sexist element to it and intended to silence me. They didn't silence her.

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{"id":52684975,"title":"Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand talks allegations against Steve Wynn, calling for Al Franken to step down","duration":"9:19","description":"Sen. Gillibrand joined \"The View\" to discuss how she's combatting sexual misconduct in Washington D.C.","url":"/theview/video/sen-kirsten-gillibrand-talks-allegations-steve-wynn-calling-52684975","section":"theview","mediaType":"default"}