Tiffany Haddish on her Emmy win, dating and equal pay in Hollywood

The comedian joins "The View" to discuss her new movie, "Nobody's Fool."
6:09 | 10/26/18

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Transcript for Tiffany Haddish on her Emmy win, dating and equal pay in Hollywood
I had such a good time making Tyler Perry's new movie "Nobody's fool" with my loving, fabulous friend Tiffany haddish. I love her so much I said just bring her out. Come on, Tiffany. Come on out! ??? Sit next to me. My mama. I'm going to share my mama with you today. I can't help myself. I was like, what just happened. So last night we were on Jimmy Fallon, or tonight? Last night. Tonight. Tonight we -- you were on Jimmy Fallon last night and you did lip sync battle. My brain is gone. Let's take a look at the clip. One, two, three, four! ??? Get up, get on up ??? get up, get on up ??? ??? like a sex machine ??? ??? get up, get on up ??? get on up, stay on the scene like a sex machine ??? I love me some James brown. That's like my go-to, one of my go-to karaoke, James brown and Tina turner. I had them throw a cape on me at the end. The cape I got from my father. I always try to represent my family so I had to do that. Hm-mm. Jimmy's pretty good at karaoke. He ain't got nothing on me. He ain't karaoked as long as I have. Exactly. He also didn't just win an Emmy for hosting "Saturday night live" like you. Congratulations. How does it feel? It's incredible. It feels good. I would have preferred a bigger paycheck, but a trophy is good. She's awesome, you know. Emmy is so cute. I sleep with her at night. She sleeps in my bed. I keep her safe. She's cold at first but she warms up after a while. What would you do if you were cardi B? She turned down a seven-figure check to not show the kid's picture. What do you say? Okay, now, um, personally, I like seven figures. But it's like, is that a one in front of it? Maybe not because I know it's more money out there so I would be like can we get a five or a eight in front of that. If we get a bigger digit because the government is going to want some of that money. Representation is going to want some of that money. Then hair and makeup for the baby because the baby going to have lashes on. The baby going to have nails did, a cute little wig on. That costs money, so, you know, at the end of the day if it's just $1 million, you know, whatever, it's going to be $300,000 by the time you finish doing everything. Going to need eight or nine in front. Hm-mm. Baby weaves are expensive. You were also just honored at the variety power of women ceremony and you talked about wanting to help young kids find their voices. When did you first know you had that power? Um, okay, so I was a weird kid, all right. I was a little weird. I realized I had super powers -- okay, this might be too much to share but I'm going to share anyway because I was like 7 and, um, you know I just -- me and my sister was like in this little contest where I was like, I bet you I can get everybody to run from me. She said no, you can't. I said, I can get people to do whatever I want. I had picked my nose and put a booger on it and they all ran and I said, see, I win, you got to buy me something from the ice cream truck so I started to realize that not through the power of boogers but through the power of funny you can motivate and teach people. All my best teaches, they all made me laugh. I remember their names and who they are. I think through comedy and taking a chance, you can really inspire and change someone's life and that is a powerful thing. I mean, making someone laugh is tickling their soul. That's a good way to put it, trickling their soul. I like it. We also talk about the pay gap in Hollywood, how women are making less than the men. You have a whole solution to that I understand? I feel like we got to start communicating with each other and letting each other how much they make. I really like to talk to men and figure out how much they making. Do they tell you? See what you do is you got to game them up. You got to game them. Be like, ooh, I bet you pay a lot of money in taxes. Or be like, you can't afford that house. Shoot, I just got a $10 million -- $10 million is what you got paid? Now I know what to ask for. You mentioned men. You just posted something on Instagram that you are ready to date again. This is big news. And you asked people for suggestions or ideas of dates that they would take you out on. What were the responses? Them responses were wild. Marlon wayans said he's going to take me for a ride on his ten speed and I can ride on the handlebars. Take me to a fast food restaurant -- That sounds romantic. Girl, that can be painful. The last time -- I broke

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{"duration":"6:09","description":"The comedian joins \"The View\" to discuss her new movie, \"Nobody's Fool.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"58774090","title":"Tiffany Haddish on her Emmy win, dating and equal pay in Hollywood","url":"/theview/video/tiffany-haddish-emmy-win-dating-equal-pay-hollywood-58774090"}