‘The View’ celebrates 5,000 episodes

Former executive producer of "The View" Bill Geddie celebrates 5,000 episodes, shares about creating the show with Barbara Walters, and more.
6:15 | 11/07/19

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Transcript for ‘The View’ celebrates 5,000 episodes
Welcome to "The view." Well, welcome to the 5,000th show. And let me tell you, we feel all 5,000 of those bad boys every day, but we need to start by acknowledging the reason that we are all at this table right now. Barbara, we know you're watching, and on behalf I think of all of us, thank you for inviting us to be apart of your legacy here on "The view," and this show has gone through a lot of changes over the years, but hot topics has always been an institution since day one, and the very first week of "The view" covered topics like allegations Paula Jones made against Bill Clinton, Rudy Giuliani cheating on his then wife, princess Diana finding new love with dod fayed, and the controversy of the swim suit competition. Donald Trump said it's a mistake to get rid of the swim suit competition. That means hot topics were about trump, Giuliani, Clintons and the royal family. When we ask you, what has not that much. Not that much. So you have been at the table from the giddyup. I have. Right. So speak to that. Speak to that? Yes. You say it's an institution. In more ways than one. I think it's different though in all these years. Well, we talk more about politics now than we ever did. We did cover those, but it wasn't as intense. We did makeovers and, you know, you saw the other day, she tried to push me up a pole. When Rosie o'donnell was here, we had musical comedy stars coming here. Depending on who the hosts are, it's gone through many it's a bunch of women talking. That's it. Yeah. It's, you know -- it's -- it's been kind of amazing, and Brian, you have been an executive -- hold up. Wait a minute. Who is that standing over there? Is that -- Yeah. Oh. Bill Geddie? I have been here five years waiting for you to acknowledge me. I never look in that direction. I didn't know you have been here that long. How you doing, bill? Thank you for finally seeing me again. Actually I work just on the other side of that wall I think over there. I'm the executive producer of "Tamron hall". That's right, you are. Say, bill. Congratulations by the way. Congratulations to all of us because, you know, without your input, this probably would not have lasted this long. That's true. That's true. Correct. Do you remember where the concept from "The view" came from? It's all completely about Barbara. Barbara said to me one day -- -- She said one day, I was having this conversation with any daughter, and it's so interesting. Multigenerational talk show with women would work? I said, yes. We went in, wrote it up, and I took it into ABC, and I had the greatest title and I called it "Everybody's a critic." They loved the show, but they hated the title. Joy will remember. They didn't have a lot of faith in it those days. We're not going to build you a you can put a pottery barn table in an old set from an old soap called "The city," this is what we did. I walked in, and there was a big window, and it had a fake landscape. I said, "The view," "Points of view." "View from here." We thought that was the perfect title and there's some show in Canada called that. We shortened it to "The view," which is better anyway, don't you think? So you were executive producer for more than 4,000 shows. So tell us the one moment that you wish you could forget, and then your favorite "View" moment. I didn't -- the first year I had to fire Debbie matenopoulos. That was hard for me. I loved Debbie. She had a great career. Then I got used to firing people, right? Yeah. I got kind of into it. Threw me onto the street like an old washing machine. What was it? My raw sexuality that threatened you? Everybody has different moments. Sometimes it's Barack Obama, the first sitting president coming to a daytime show. That was a huge moment for us, but for me, it's all about that last day with Barbara where all those journalists, every famous person coming through the door, and it was just like time stopped and she is just -- she was overwhelmed. It was all a surprise, and Oprah was there. Diane was there. Everybody was there, and it was just, like, that was just the greatest moment, wasn't it? Yeah. That was a good one. Well, bill -- bill, I heard you brought us a little something to celebrate our 5,000th show. Scotch? Vodka? Bourbon? I used to have to bring out every cake. Now it's Brian's turn. Oh. Where is he? Is there a cake or something? Brian. Oh. Look at that. Is that the old music? I don't know. Yeah. Oh, that's beautiful cake. You notice there's nobody sitting around the table, is it? Nobody. It's just a blank table. And it kind of looks like a menorah. You know? It does look like a menorah. It does. It's beautiful. Listen, bill. Thank you for so many things, but thank you so much. The cake is from Palermo's bakery, and congratulations on your new gig on "The Tamron hall show." Thank you so much. We'll be right back.

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{"duration":"6:15","description":"Former executive producer of \"The View\" Bill Geddie celebrates 5,000 episodes, shares about creating the show with Barbara Walters, and more.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"66831994","title":"‘The View’ celebrates 5,000 episodes","url":"/theview/video/view-celebrates-5000-episodes-66831994"}