Whoopi Goldberg shares about her weekend at the Oscars

Goldberg joins "The View" from Los Angeles to discuss her star-studded night at the Academy Awards.
7:29 | 03/05/18

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Transcript for Whoopi Goldberg shares about her weekend at the Oscars
Joining us now live from west Hollywood is whoopi. Hey whoopi! Hey. So listen, babe, before we ask you about some of your favorite moments from last night's oscars we have to point out that you looked great in that Christian syriano dress. Thank you. You looked really great. I understand that both you and your daughter Alex had some wardrobe malfunctions before getting on the red carpet. What happened? Well, it wasn't so much a malfunction but you don't realize that there's a lot of tule in your dress so it took four people to get me in the car and once I got in the car, all the tule was up. All I could see out the window was tule. Everything was through tule. Getting out of the car was interesting because of course you don't want to show everybody your business. But there you are. So I had this gorgeous dress, Christian put pockets in it so I could walk around. It was fabulous. I realized when I saw the seats inside the auditorium that I wasn't going to be able to sit in that dress in the auditorium because it would have been showing Jimmy Kimmel stuff he didn't need to see. Whoopi, you saw our Sara Haines on the red carpet. How is she doing? She looks and sounds amazing. She's gorgeous. We'll get her back when we get her back. It was great to see her. Yeah, we miss her. I hear you showed her a little bit more than what most people saw that you were wearing on the red carpet. Christian made this gorgeous dress for me as I said and he made it so I would be comfortable so he made it so that I could wear my -- you know, I wear those gray duck martin boots and that's what I had on under the dress. Which meant I was the most comfortable woman there last night. But you know, you had a lot of -- I just want to say you had a lot of skin showing. That's unusual for you. Very unusual. Yeah. But the dress was beautiful and I thought well, the tattoos are beautiful and if you got good skin you might as well flaunt it once a year. Look, first of all, since you couldn't sit in the dress, I'm glad you could stand in the shoes. You had comfortable shoes. That was very important. Yeah. But you were wearing a pin on your lapel. Can you tell me what the meaning of the pin was? The ribbon. I was wearing the red ribbon which belonged originally to Elizabeth Taylor, the 25th anniversary of her receiving the Jean Hershel award and we wanted to signal the fight is not over. Three of us had on one of her pins and that was fabulous. And the other pin was showing that I'm a governor of the academy and that's why I was there. Gorgeous. Wonderful. Whoopi. There were some amazing moments last night. Which were some of your favorites? For me was really seeing Jordan Peele. Yes. For best original screen play. And the thing that sort of took the place of all the jokes that everybody was talking about and missing was the that the nominees are the winners came up and talked about the fact they were immigrants who are all brought to this particular evening by cinema which is what we were celebrating. And I think most people didn't really want to make a whole lot of references political references, you left that to the host. But I think it was more about, you know, we all came here and we're all here because we love film and that's -- you know, that's what the oscars is about. You know, sometimes it gets more political than other times and sometimes you just don't care about the politics. It's about the politics of film. And I think that's what people's conversations were really about, whether it was coco or Guillermo del toro or Lupita, it didn't matter. If you look at all the folks that were on that carpet, they were from all over the world. Which is what film invites. It invites people from all over the world to participate and tell their stories. That's what we were celebrating. Right. The universal language. One of them. Yeah. You went down to L.A. A ffw days before the oscars to visit the academy museum collection vault which is full of the incredible Hollywood memorabilia and a few strange things happened. Let's watch that. Yeah. ??? So Jessica, can I please take my hands away from my eyes? Check out what we found in our photograph collection. Look at th remember that? Who is that? That's a little girl. Oh, you do remember this. "The color purpose." What an amazing movie. It really was. It was nominated for a lot of oscars. 11. 11, yes. I'm not bitter. Well, you were nominated again. Yes, I was. Yes, I was. For this other one. Yes. This movie was done by this man and I got it because of this man. And Jerry is our director and he's explaining what we're supposed to be doing but I suspect he's saying to Patrick, now you can't keep telling jokes, you have to let -- you can't tell the jokes. See, you know that's what he's saying to you. I know that's why you moved it. If you look at Jerry and think of the things that he and his brother did, it was such an honor to play with him because to me, you know, airplane is one of the funny movies on the planet. What is her name? Beaver cleaver's mother says oh, no, I speak jive. Can't hang. Stewardess. I speak jive. She going to catch up on the other side. This two foot tall white lady is interpreting what -- really? Barbara Billingsly, yes, I remember. Barbara Billingsly is the lady who said yes, I speak jive. She was beaver cleaver's mother and I suspect milike most of us wants to be called by her name. So whoopi, you really think you were visited by Patrick Swayze and Barbara Billingsly, huh? I have to tell you we were standing there and both times and the folks who edited this double-checked to see if maybe my elbow had moved something or something had gone on. No. It popped off. The Barbara Billingsly thing just freaked everybody out. It freaked me out because it was like, oh, okay, you want to be called by your name. Call me by my name. Thanks whoopi we'll see you back here tomorrow. Yes? Oh, tomorrow? Yeah. Tuesday. Oh, okay. Okay. Have fun the rest of the time you're there and we will be right back.

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{"duration":"7:29","description":"Goldberg joins \"The View\" from Los Angeles to discuss her star-studded night at the Academy Awards.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"53532060","title":"Whoopi Goldberg shares about her weekend at the Oscars","url":"/theview/video/whoopi-goldberg-shares-weekend-oscars-53532060"}