The Birth of a Candidate: Nine Months of GOP Debates

VIDEO: At CNN GOP debate Rep. Michele Bachmann says she has filed paper work to run.

(Image Credit: Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

The birth of a GOP nominee is officially overdue. After nine months of debates,  the GOP candidates are still in gestation. In case you haven't followed Romney, Santorum, Gingrich and Paul on every step of this  journey - or  maybe  just can't remember when exactly Rick Perry forgot his plan to streamline government or the audience shouted out a shocking suggestion for Americans without insurance - here's a debate-by-debate rundown of the most important moments so far.

Tonight chalks up one more debate, bringing the tally of total tete-a-tetes to 21. Here's a reminder of what we've seen over the past nine months, and a look at where the candidates will face off next.

May 5: South Carolina

June 13: New Hampshire

Aug. 11: Iowa
Sept. 7: California
Sept. 12: Florida
Sept. 22: Florida
Oct. 11: New Hampshire
Oct. 18: Las Vegas
Nov. 9: Michigan
Nov. 12: South Carolina
Nov. 22: Washington, D.C.
Dec. 10: Iowa
Dec. 15: Iowa

Jan. 7: New Hampshire 6.25 Million Americans Watched the ABC News Republican Debate in New Hampshire

Jan. 8: New Hampshire
Jan. 16: South Carolina

Jan. 19: South Carolina
Jan. 23: Florida
Jan. 26: Florida
To Come …

Tonight's debate in Arizona March 1: Georgia March 5: California March 19: Oregon

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