Amanda Knox Speaks: Prison

Part 5: Knox spent 1,400 nights in prison and was "stunned" to find out she was HIV positive.
4:58 | 04/30/13

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Transcript for Amanda Knox Speaks: Prison
Test Text1 itali Capanne prison. 500 prisoners. In a tiny room, a 22-year-old american girl sentenced to 26 years has only a small window on to a cypress tree. She says day and night she could hear women wailing in their cells. You wrote, "i felt as if I were being sealed into a tomb." Yeah. And the tomb was my life. It wasn'ison. It was my life. Reporter: Did you think about suicide? I did. Reporter: She writes she considered cutting her wrists in the shower or swallowing bleach. She says she had panic attacks, began to lose her hair. And one day a doctor called her to say he had more bad news. They had analyzed the blood sample from the day she arrived. And the doctor told me that i had tested positive for hiv. I was stunned. And I went back to my room with one of the prison officials telling me, "well, you should have thought about it before you had sex with all those people." Reporter: She writes in her book this is the whole truth about her sexual encounters. Four boys in seattle. Three in ita, including raffaele. Back in her cell, she made a list of them. And it was confiscated. And they leak it? They leaked it to the media. Often with mistranslations of what I had actually written in english. Reporter: Another round of headlines. And then, incredibly, they tell knox it was all just a mistake. She was not hiv-positive at all. She writes that what will save her in prison are small acts of humanity. A cellmate from america. She was great. We would sing "the star-spangled banner" every morning. Reporter: And most saving of all, someone still in her life today, the chaplain of the prison, don saulo, who taught her this prayer. God, if you exist, I really need you to help right now. I didn't have that same faith. But he convinced me that it wouldn't hurt to pray that if there's a god to please help because -- because we're all helpless. Reporter: As her lawyers began to filing appeals court briefs, she says she began searching for a purpose. Studying italian literature. Living for the days her family could come. They have mortgaged homes, traveled 6,000 miles to be near her. Parents, stepparents, aunts, uncles, friends. I saw them 1% of the time. And yet, they were always there. They were there 100% of the time. Reporter: Did you think what it was costing them spiritually? Actually? I felt incredibly guilty for what they were having to sacrifice for me. And there was a certain point in my -- in my thinking in prison that if it didn't work out and i never was free again, I was trying to figure out how I could ask them to move on with their life without me because I was tired of them having to sacrifice everything for me. Everything. Reporter: After 1,427 days, the appeals court is about to render a new verdict. In her now-fluent italian, she talks about meredith in a new way. Reporter: And on october 3rd, 2011, the appeals court judge issues a scathing criticism of that first trial. He cites the "dubious reliability of a key witness, the non-existence of prosecution evidence" and a motive he said prosecutors couldn't prove. Can I have a moment please? Reporter: Our elizabeth vargas had tracked down mignini to ask about that motive. At the beginning of this case, you had said you thought this was part of some satanic ritual. Do you still believe that to be true? Reporter: He denied ever saying it was satanic. Inside the courtroom, amanda knox is finally acquitted and goes free. Outside, italians outraged at her acquittal jeer, "shame, shame." Coming up right here, what amanda knox says she wants to tell the kercher family t together

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{"id":19079580,"title":"Amanda Knox Speaks: Prison","duration":"4:58","description":"Part 5: Knox spent 1,400 nights in prison and was \"stunned\" to find out she was HIV positive.","url":"/2020/video/amanda-knox-speaks-prison-19079580","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}