Breonna Taylor’s death a breaking point in Louisville, Kentucky: Part 1

Racial tensions between police and residents of the city had been growing since before Taylor’s death. Her loved ones mourn her tragic death.
8:00 | 11/21/20

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Transcript for Breonna Taylor’s death a breaking point in Louisville, Kentucky: Part 1
Our apartment's got bullet holes through it. Bullets came through the front wall from the next apartment where the shooting happened. Building 303. Apartment number 4, please come out. Put your hands up. Have you been hit by a bullet? I'm scared. Keep walking backwards! Walk straight back or I'll send this dog on you! Walk back to me! Keep on walking! Put your hands on your head! What did I do? What did I do? Let's get behind this car for Ver. What did I do? Y'all was banging at the door. She said, who is it and you started shooting. What is this about? We don't -- we're both just regular working -- Keep walking! Stop! Keep walking! Aah! Aah! Stop screaming. Don't come off that car. If you come off that car again, we'll put you on the ground. Please don't let her be dead. Please, god, don't let her be dead. America is a complicated place. We are constantly working to move forward to do better, but there are always these reminders that the promise of America, in many ways, is just that for lot of communities. Louisville is a very vibrant city. We're a riverfront town. Louisville, Kentucky, is famous for Muhammad Ali, Diane sawyer, colonel Sanders, Kentucky fried chicken. We host the Kentucky derby, the greatest horse-racing event in the world. They're off in the Kentucky derby! But it's also a city with a lot of issues as well. We have a drug epidemic here. 140 homicides. More than 500 shootings. One of the problems that you see right now is racial injustice and relationships between citizens and its police department. There's this identity crisis that Louisville has. While there were abolitionists fighting for emancipation in Louisville, you also had slave auctions sometimes right across the street. Louisville is segregated. The west end of Louisville is primarily black. Has been oppressed a lot in terms of economics, vacant and abandoned properties. You're in this black and white world, and there is underlining issues of inequality. The struggles are real. They shouldn't be dismissed. Emblematic of the tensions about race and policing, the name breonna Taylor. Look at breonna. This is junior. No, that was senior prom. The junior prom she had the blue dress. That's the junior prom. She looked so good. To know her is to love her. She's so much like me, but she's so much better than me. Breonna and Tamika were really close. Breonna pushed everyone else in her family to be the best versions of themselves. If you ain't got a breonna, or a preonna -- She's the star of the show for the family basically and she just kept everybody going. Just being around family gave her a lot of joy. She loved to be around family. Happy birthday to you She was always the one who was like, let's have a family game night. Let's all get together. She's very girly. She's such a diva. Her mother said that she'd be like, breonna, didn't you just get an outfit? And breonna would say like, oh, yeah, but that ones already been in pictures. Like I can't wear that one again. I am a strong, intelligent, beautiful black young woman who has grown so much. She loved to set these goals for herself no matter what it was. You wouldn't be able to tell her nothing. When I walk across that stage and get my diploma handed to me, I won't be thinking this is the end, rather more like this is only the beginning. I will now be starting my journey to the adult life. She wanted to become a nurse. And she was in the process of advancing it towards the things she wanted to do in the future. And what breonna Taylor wanted to do is she wanted to help people. After she graduated high school, she started pursuing a nursing career at uk. She was making plans to settle down with a long-time boyfriend. Kenny walker. Bre, your hand is on the table. Get off the table. We actually met on Twitter. She was just goofy. She was always posting funny stuff. Girl, let me wipe your eyes-everything going to be all right She did like to sing all the time. Even though she couldn't sing, she could sang if you know what I mean. Give me your tennis bracelet Lived life to the fullest with no regrets. Hey, follow the kid, man. Real talk. Real life smack. Hey, stop playing. Bre's dream was to marry my son. To have children. To travel. To love on us. Come here. Get away from me! He knew that she was the girl for him. These two here, they might as well get married. And have a family. Do you want to be my baby daddy? Do you want to be my baby daddy? Yes. Can we have five babies? Yes. When? Ooh. Breonna seemed to be high on life. She tweeted, "2020 is going to be my year, watch!" And she was constantly posting about her relationship with Kenneth. For the future we had a lot planned. Actually, we planned on getting a house, and she already had got a new car that she wanted. It was her baby. And don't sit on her car, don't touch her car, don't eat in her car. Breonna Taylor wanted to be a mother more than anything else in this world. We definitely talked about babies, and she wanted a girl. These are the shoes, you know, for whenever we finally got to have a baby. Yeah, so these are kind of special. She just kind of had it all planned out to have her nice house and to be able to provide for her family. I was god's blessing to my mother. She brought me into this world as her first child, her first baby girl. From this day forward, I was living to please my mother. I feel like I owe her the world. 911. What is the location of your emergency? Our apartment's got bullet holes through it. There is a police-involved shooting at the apartment. I heard a huge volume of shots. Probably about 20 to 25 shots. Is there a female breonna

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{"duration":"8:00","description":"Racial tensions between police and residents of the city had been growing since before Taylor’s death. Her loved ones mourn her tragic death.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"74329640","title":"Breonna Taylor’s death a breaking point in Louisville, Kentucky: Part 1","url":"/2020/video/breonna-taylors-death-breaking-point-louisville-kentucky-part-74329640"}