Christmas Extremists

Meet a woman with 169 Christmas trees and a Grinch who doesn?t give his kids presents.
6:50 | 12/08/12

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Transcript for Christmas Extremists
20/20" continues with decking the halls and everything else. Here's nick watt. ♪ Reporter: Like beacons across the land, jewels of suburbia, the homestead of holiday fanatics. Who are these people? Is this illuminated excess what christmas is all about now days? I wonder if they decorate indoors, too? We went searching for the most extreme case and it brought us here, to tulsa, oklahoma. Shay? Shay gibbons has never found and ornament she doesn't like. ♪ look at him. You're speechless, right? Reporter: Well, of course i was speechless. I even have a talking christmas tree. Reporter: Really? Hello, mr. Christmas. Well, hello. Reporter: How does that work? Magic. Reporter: There's one in the bathtub, as well. Another in the fish tank and their dogs have their own. 169 trees draped in 100,000 lights. Report He is long suffering husband tom. Their electric bill doubles during the holidays, but they never need to turn on the heat. Those lights are hot. It's 82 degrees with no heat in this house. Just christmas lights. Reporter: There's an upside down tree. Not sure why. My daughte did that. She's a weirdo. And then she says -- Reporter: She's weird? Wow. I'm right here. Reporter: Shay reckons total spent on decorations over the years, maybe $100,000. And the trees aren't the half of it. Welcome to the santa claus room. We have probably got 100 nativities. Reporter: There are entire villages and I mean entire. Every christmas village has to have one, right? Reporter: I don't understand. I just don't understand. My dad loved christmas. We didn't have a lot. But we had a lot of christmas. Reporter: Husz tom has had to grow into his role. He's in charge of exterior inflatables. Reporter: Did you know she did that before you married her? I was told that she did christmas rather extravagant. Reporter: Daughter charity was born this way. It kind of became a sickness. A contagious sickness. Aren't they cute? I love them. Reporter: Charity feeds mom's habit. I spy my tree. It's really cool because it has a bubble tree and it goes all the way up. I'm going to get the tree! It is crazy, but it's not like the cuckoo house crazy. It's fun. If it wasn't this, she'd find ing else. And this is safe. Reporter: And everybody's invited to their christmas party. The price of admission? A donation of a toy for a needy child. Shay's over the top decorating was featured on tlc's "my crazy obsession." SHE STARTS WORK OCTOBER 1st. It takes how long? I'm not done yet. Reporter: And december 26th, she starts taking it all down. Everything must be in the attic, the garage and the other at theic and the other garage and, you get the idea, by january 1st. Now, that don't seem so crazy, does it? Reporter: Her grandkids don't think it's crazy. Get to open up one gift apiece from the 15th to the 25th and then they get to open up the rest. On christmas. Reporter: The heat, the lights, the inescapable christmas cheer. I have to get t. I have to get out. And someone said there's a fix on the other end of the christmas spectrum at greg's house. I don't give the kids christmas presents. Reporter: Yeah, you heard him right. I don't give the kids presents. Presents. Presents. Reporter: Greg's a grinch that does not give his adorable daughters christmas presents. Do you think he's a big meanie? Yeah. Me, too. He's taking an admirable stand against this. Give me that camera! Reporter: The, I'll give you my furbie when you take it from my cold, dead hands brand of 21st century consumerism. And this. What the heck is that? Reporter: The internet is littered with examples of the desperately disappointed. I don't want this! I want a toy! These are all junky toys. This is my worst christmas ever! It's just become this mad sort of orgy of shopping. I'm going to get the tree! Reporter: We've been overcome with stuff. Reporter: The family always has a tree. But not a monster. But he wants christmas to be about this kind of quality family time. Greg writes for a tree hugger website, grist.Org and I don't mean that kind of tree hugger. And he demanded family and friends also cease and desist from giving gifts to his kids. Are you just cheap? His wife sympathizes with greg's stand but she'll make sure the kids receive a little something anyway. Santa is coming to our house this year. Reporter: I mean, they love christmas. What would you like to have in terms of decorations in the house? Giant blowup snow man and santa claus and reindeer and a giant candy cane. Reporter: Like reindeer on the roof would be cool. Yeah. Nick, you shouldn't have. Reporter: I know I shouldn't. ♪ that's what it's all about right here. They're being corrupted! Reporter: Deep down, I agree with greg's fill losty, if you maybe not his methods. Greg in seattle is not going to give his kids christmas presents. What? Reporter: He thinks it should be about family and not the politics of gifts. Give me his number. I'll call him. Reporter: Shay says she does have the real spirit of christmas and that jesus would approve. But the trees have nothing to do with jesus. But they're pretty, aren't they? He'd be like, you go girl. Reporter: Jesus would be like, you go girl. You go girl.

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{"duration":"6:50","description":"Meet a woman with 169 Christmas trees and a Grinch who doesn?t give his kids presents.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"17910169","title":"Christmas Extremists","url":"/2020/video/christmas-extremists-17910169"}