How criminals are able to make deadly counterfeit pills: Part 3

"It's scary that people can go online and they can buy a pill press. They can buy the pill dies," said Jon DeLena of the DEA.
4:37 | 09/29/18

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Transcript for How criminals are able to make deadly counterfeit pills: Part 3
Repr: If you travt a little southf the theme parks and rts of orldo, flora,me to the small town ossimmee. Population, 69,000 souls. That population desed by one in February 2016, when police answer an emergency Calle at this elegant-looking mcmansion. 91orter: Inside they diover the body of a 40-year old woman named Catherine Brady -- dead from aovfentanyl. Heboyfriend mer immeate suspiciois man, 36-year old Eric Falkowski. N fact, shwas the the his children. Died OAN overdos and as the police came to investigate that, they searched the pres. Reporr: During search, police opefalkowski's garage and are with a huge surprise -- bags of bogus escription pills, everything from percocet to xanax. And theyind somethg full of R F powder. Rember, minuteunfentanyl a P lethal, yelkowski hahuantities owerful drug. Also in that garagind -- a sophisticated pill pnd pill stampat falkows U to churnut the counterfeit cription dgs by the thousands. Even the arresting officer saido me, you N't believe how chuff he has here.ike a huge dstore. I S H up and throw the key away. Expertise at CING these potently counterfeit pills ma no sense caerine Brady's father frank, who always regarded Falkowski as somewhat of a deadbeat. He was prtyss and nted no pa og. He was ly. He wanted to stay in hismies L . Reporter: Falkowski W apply able tod perfect "Wk job, making counterfeitls laced with ftanyl. He learned on the internet ane friends T to make MI epkowski's lawyer vid komisar sat was also easy for his client to simply ilhe printinpr and pi stamps online. He had a pill press off of amahe counterfeit pil dyesd mimic thok of a percocet off of Ebay. Reporter: E-b0/20" they Stopp S pription pildyes a few months a but weere able to still find piresses bei sold by Amazon, which told us there can be legitimate uses for the Iscary thateople can go online and then buy a pi th buy the pill dyes. You know, there's obviously laws that con T buyou know, we're not talking about peoplehat are looktoow Reporr:howed us So, if look here Reporter: The dhowed us how crinare using ent bought online to make their counterfeit pills. So the powder would get placed in here this Wille E Feith any otr cutting agent or binder. And then aspel, the upper punch will come down, Y pressure create T tablet, and then up co tablet. So yojust take E pill out, put it in little bole anse Repter: Heranother key quipment Falkowski was able to easily buyine -- a "V" mixer. A $3,000 commel grade pi XI. Hiinedients we pill binding powder and crushed Nol mixed th raw fentanyl, which is much cheaper and more potent than other ids. He felt lhe had a reafe formulthat would mic the effect of a percoc With a load of make a day, homu E? He cod make $400, $500 over a course of a day. Reporter:alkowski taught he hadhe jackpot ws counterfeit pill operation, showing off his expensive ho and flash his Facebook page.t it all camng down when his girlfridied after Ng hduct. Charged withllegal drug possession. He relief C grieving family, was seemingly head a very long prison sentence. I'd like pn the mouth. He not sorry ort caught a his libeen uproo he should be in jaorever. Reporter: That's what

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{"duration":"4:37","description":"\"It's scary that people can go online and they can buy a pill press. They can buy the pill dies,\" said Jon DeLena of the DEA.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"58160923","title":"How criminals are able to make deadly counterfeit pills: Part 3","url":"/2020/video/criminals-make-deadly-counterfeit-pills-part-58160923"}